UCU bans non Anglicans from university premises


Uganda Christian University (UCU) Vice Chancellor, Rev. Canon. Dr. John Ssenyonyi has banned non Anglicans from worshiping anywhere around the university premises.

“While we reorganize the worship of other people,it is not welcome to this campus,” he stressed out.

UCU an institution founded and run on the Anglican doctrine, the vice-chancellor therefore noted that all non Anglicans are welcomed to the university but when it comes to worship, they have to do so from churches or mosques outside the university.

“Uganda Christian University is established on Anglican Foundation and there is need to respect this setting. All worship which is not Anglican and that accepted by the University’s Chaplaincy should be conducted outside UCU campus. Those who have been doing so must stop immediately,” Dr. Ssenyonyi added.

Dr. Ssenyonyi made these remarks during Tuesday’s community worship hour where the entire university community meets for prayers and worship among other engagements done.

“We call upon non Anglican worshipers to respect us as we do respect their faith,’’ Ssenyonyi added.

It is during this same occasion that Dr Ssenyonyi introduced Monica Ntege as the new UCU Librarian replacing Dr. Alex Mukungu.

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  • Bakandonda Wycliffe

    This is not sustainable. Dr Senyonyi is being religious. But he heads Uganda Christian University not the Uganda Religious University. Probably the canon should talk about non Christians, if he must. But banning authentic Christians worshipping Jesus Christ, No. believers may choose to obey Jesus and disobey Dr Senyonyi. I pray and hope we do not see the law (Regulation) being forcefully enforced.

  • Peter Ssekabira

    The Canon has missed it and it’s the wrong timing. I believe the university has a duty to designate or provide space for other faiths to pray for all its residents. I was in Kibuli S S S 1982-1984 for A level. The school had provision for Anglicans and Catholics to pray on Sundays and I was the Catholic Prefect 1983/84. I used to bring in Catholic priests on some Sundays. The university is supposed to be the best example of Unity, torelance and accommodating without losing one of its core values of Anglicanism. If we all agree that the university is one of the many highest institution of learning in the World it has duty to provide for other faiths, it must not be seen to discrimate.