Campus is a more joyous and amazing time in people’s lives or lifetime as most of the things are done with ease from boiling water with electric jugs, cooking on electric coils (without minding who even pays the electricity bills) to being driven to campus, washing our clothes carelessly (with all the taps  open) not minding how much the bill will be for the guy owning the hostel and all we say is “kasita I paid hostel fee, I am enjoying my hostel services.”

Whereas campus life looks brighter and more beautiful than the face of your girlfriend, life after it is unkind like the clouds that roll in during the day or an abrupt bump into your ex’s face making everything overcast and gloomy. Life after is an arduous undertaking for those that didn’t prepare themselves for it. It is an exigent time and our desires often push us into job seeking or job creating in order to meet them.

Most of us, however, choose to do job hunting as it seems to be the quickest way of getting assurances to accessing money and also most of our universities in Uganda teach us how to be job seekers not creators. So all we do is stay around Kampala waking up with only one thing on our minds – placing our applications in different organizations’ receptions plus meeting our old friends that are also on the hunt in order to forget our pains.

Even those that have alluring business ideas that can be achieved choose job hunting because of peer pressure.  We always say “sida mukyalo” but most of us don’t even really know what it means. Our inability to find out the real meaning of that statement often leads us into failing to make the right decisions.

We are blinded by the pride that comes with the ‘sizes’ of the courses we did. “I am an accountant, how do I go back to Kanungu to rear chicken?” So we decide to keep around Kampala and our parents support us by giving us money for rent and food in the name of looking for a job. They console themselves in this action not knowing they are supporting and promoting shiftlessness.

Job hunting is necessary but it’s a terrible evil. I am not saying that job hunting is bad but as we get done with campus let’s get our decisions towards the working environment right. If your parent owns a firm or a farm, work with them for the meantime as you look for your dream job but staying around Kampala is not the best of the best decisions to make.

Let’s stop getting worried about what other people think about the choices we are going to make because if we get trapped in what other people think of our choices we will never really find the true answers to our questions of life.

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