Recently, we have seen lots of stories and reports stipulating an increase in the manufacture and distribution of pornographic content hooded under the term “leaking/leaks” especially female sex tapes have become a trend if not an issue. We have more internet users today than we did in the past years. This is good news but as far as netiquette is concerned, Ugandans have turned this medium of information exchange to some other purposes of promoting corruption of public morality.

This happens to be an uncomfortable topic of discussion for most campus girls a reason that crippled our research. Below come some of the few reasons why female nudity is taking over.

Jilted Lovers

These have gone a long way in fueling this vice, you send the guy those videos or pictures whilst the both of you are still “having it” together but as soon as he feels lessened most resort to leaking these nudes as a way of getting revenge on their lovers. Last week the UCU Mass Com babe’s sex tape leaked for the same reason.


Campus Bee has reason to believe that some of these ladies indeed leak their own nudity to the internet under the perception that it will fetch them ratings from the perverted masses browsing the internet. Popularity through nudity seems an easy avenue for Ugandans. Take a look at the past scandals of leaked nudity where many more have had their ratings and brand sales skyrocket after their nudes leaked. The same has gone for very many campus girls that have taken a spot as famous students in the past.


Most lovers especially females have turned to sharing sex tapes with their lovers. It has become something easier to do as days go by. Females are naturally perceived and related to sexuality most especially by this perverted generation that we live in. The reason UCU is depicted as the “cradle of nudity” and MUBS as the “Sin City” of this era.

Manipulation and Circumstances

Some of the victims are ones of circumstances. Most babes are held at ransom and only have one condition, pay up or have their nudes released to the world. This is a rather sticky situation. Adverse manipulation of its kind. Being the weaker sex, many feel compelled to pay up or unwillingly accept to have their nudes out to public since they cannot afford. Some others in fact willingly release this content for sell.


Societal stereotyping may also become relevant when discussing this topic. One can say nudes have become household equipment, like the way you put on make-up most of the ladies have that arousal literature save for my mother maybe J

Need to keep a lover

Many are times when lovers feel they should do whatever it takes to have their relationship fire blazing; and sometimes sending nudes is one of the things people think about. If you ever feel like sending him nudes will be the mark around your love, you need to think your life through. This I tell you; if his condition to have him stay is to send him nudes, sis! This isn’t love. Walk up, turn left, walk and never look back. Unfortunately many campus girls have fallen victim of this awful feeling. This needs to change. It usually ends with black mail and humiliation.

Babes, I urge you to exercise the utmost diligence when it comes to your sexual freedom for it can be taken away from you anytime unfortunately whether you are a feminist or not.

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Mponye Shawn

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