My campus girlfriend wants to dump me because of 'togikwatako'


Today, we got a problem from our Facebook Group that you too could join. Prince Danny Quevans claimed in a post that his campus girlfriend is an NRM diehard whereas he is a defiance diehard and that the girl wants to dump him because of that. Apparently, the ‘TOGIKWATAKO’ word is bringing problems in this relationship.

Hey Prince Danny things that hardly pay your bills shouldn’t be in a position to define your life decisions let alone spoil your relationship. Politics will always be a dirty game and when you indulge it in your relationship, it turns into a dirty political relationship.

I say keep her. It’s okay to have differences when it comes to relationships, and if you can’t deal with that at this stage, then this your relationship is one that might never work out. I have witnessed relationships where the couple support different football teams but in the end, they support each other, because, nothing else matters.


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