How to deal with sexual harassment at Campus


You know the saying “men are dogs”? Though inaccurately stereotypical, majority of men are indeed dogs… figuratively of course. Any setting that calls for interaction between men and women will have cases of sexual harassment; more so if the men are superior in the context. Leave this harassment the boda man bestows on to you now and again, that you can retaliate towards, but one were the man is in control can be quite frightening. Here are some of the ways you can deal with sexual harassment at school.

Speak up.

This is not the time to be quiet or nice, if a man is treating you in a way you deem disrespectful then speak up. Don’t speak with a smile or grin, be firm and clear with your words. Yes this might carry some consequences–sadly, but speaking up might also be your saving grace, this dog might actually back down from fear.

Tell a friend.

Not that friend that seemingly gets excited with your shortcomings, your real friend. They could help give you the right advise or even better, opt to be the whistle blower in this situation. Keeping things to yourself doesn’t help, it’s bound to eat at you or escalate the situation.

Keep records

You might find yourself in a situation where the lecturer isn’t backing down despite telling him off. Plus you are worried he will take it out on you once you decline he’s advances, well keep your records. Screenshot the slightest misbehaviour, even “hi dear” is inappropriate for a student-teacher relationship. Keep all these records for a time when it will count.


Be the biggest snitch you can be. Run off your mouth to whoever will listen. Of course the person you are reporting to should have some power and probably know what ways to get the lecturer red handed. This can be a student leader, a trusted administrator, anyone with power and authority. This is when your records come in handy. Do you know how many female students have stirred the pot lying about sexual scandals, quite the number. So don’t scream allegations with words, scream with pictures, emails, texts, witnesses… the whole FBI kit.

This isn’t your responsibility but sadly the world you live in is the world you’re getting. The strongest advise I would give is not be soft, crying yourself about it or pitying yourself won’t help the situation. You have to be brave to fight off a bully.

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