We have all heard the statement, beauty is within. One’s heart and soul tell us how beautiful one is. Haaa, this is the oldest lie in the book. Whoever came up with this line wanted to see the good in people or was just a big bull shitter. In the real world, where money loses value and cosmetics sell faster than food, this term is so detrimental.

People love to look good, they yearn to look good, why? They know they are going to be judged based on their appearance, fact. I have always been troubled with the entity of makeup. When I was in high school, I wore little makeup because the boys would laugh at girls who over did it because it meant they needed makeup to look pretty. These same boys were however smitten with girls having extreme layers of foundation and the signature red lip. So you can understand how this could be confusing.

I later in life decided to do makeup for me. See there’s a confidence in knowing you look pretty by default. You don’t have to walk with your head down because black heads are ruining your life, concealer is hiding all that. I think people should want to look good because they feel good. Looking in the mirror and say, “yes, I look stunning ” it’s good for anyone psychologically. Being beautiful and feeling beautiful are completely different. Going through life without feeling the motions of it means you aren’t really living life, your just going through it.

So for any young adult girl confused with how she looks and how the world perceives her looks, know one thing, it’s okay to wear all the makeup in the world as long as it makes you happy. What’s the point in pleasing people’s opinions, people have opinions about the damnest things so why should it faze you? Makeup isn’t shallow. Anything that makes you feel good about yourself is good, period. Makeup isn’t everything to some girls but it adds confidence to others. To Mulangila jewellery shop we go.

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Amisha Mukasa

Lifestyle and entertainment stole my heart. Taking the humorous way out of any situation defines who I am and what I write. amishamukasa@gmail.com


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