Breasts are one of the most common areas to start sagging as you get older. However, other factors can cause them to drop,  the ideal campuser would never opt  for this.
Are your breasts sagging? Don’t worry, the bee got you covered.

1. Wear a supportive bra at all times.

 A supportive bra that fits you correctly and supports all of your breast tissue is good for your boob health. It will lift your breasts and not let them sag. Go to a lingerie store to be properly fitted for a bra for the most support possible.

2. Lose weight 

To give your breasts more of a defined shape, loose some extra weight. If you are overweight, your breasts might sag because they contain too much fat and drop down your body. Reduce your daily fat intake and shake off some weight.

3. Drink water

At least eight glasses of water a day won’t kill you. Water prevents dehydration and keep the skin plump, which keeps your breasts looking fly.

4. Wear the right bra size. Breast size can change frequently over so, rather than guessing your size, make sure you get measured regularly to ensure you are getting the support you need and also avoid significant health problems including poor posture, skin irritation  breathing difficulties, and sagging.

5. Exercise regularly

Research has shown that exercising four or more hours a week can reduce the risk of breast cancer. It can also help prevent sagging and improve the look of your boobs.

Whereas you may think that chest exercises are just for men, working out exercises such as push-ups are great for improving the firmness, lift and shape of your boobs.

6. Fake a perfect cleavage

It is possible to create the appearance of bigger breasts with a little bit of make-up. To cheat your way to a better cleavage, wear your favourite bra and lightly dust some matte bronzer between your breasts.

7. Check your breasts

According to a survey by Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Women are advised to get to know their breasts by checking them each month and looking out for changes in size, shape and skin texture, as well as checking for discharge, rashes or lumps. If you are not sure how to go about checking your breasts, ask your doctor for tips on performing these necessary checks.

8. Wear a sports bra

When working out, our breasts tend to move about with the movements of our body. Exercising without adequate support (particularly for those with larger breasts) can therefore lead to discomfort and pain, as well as damage to ligaments which can cause breasts to sag

9. Improve your posture

If you want to give yourself an instant breast lift, the best thing you can do is improve your posture. Walking with a straighter back will make you boobs look instantly bigger. Try to pay attention on how you stand and sit throughout the day and consider taking up an exercise that will improve your posture.

These tips are not only helping with a healthier lifestyle, but also helping boost your confidence.

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