I will start with an admission, it’s always big of anyone to point out the upper hand the other person has. Truthfully, there’s an appeal that comes with a guy that’s doing law. I don’t know if it’s to do with their proclaimed brains but these lads have ways to get the ladies smitten. You know smart is always the preferred kind of sexy; I would take a Chuck Rhoades over a Bobby Axerold any day. Plus knowledge is power and power isn’t anything but hella sexy. But all these pluses turn into turn-offs easily, here’s why:

Showoffs: Being smart is only cute if you are actually not feeling the need to point it out. You will always spot these boys out a mile away. They want to command attention with political news, they speak like the Government’s legal advisers– like calm your tits, we get it, you watch the news, you analyse politics for coursework, no one fancies a showoff.

Patronizing: Because everyone is saying you’re the ish, it has to run to your head. If you think you’re smart, you’re probably going to want to talk to others like they aren’t. You find yourself dating the utmost perfect guy but he can’t help himself with the insulting analysations of simple topics because he thinks you are slow. Trust me, no matter how smart of a girl you’re, these dudes have to point out they are smartest in the room.

Egos: Every guy has an ego–I have grown to learn this the hard way–however, your typical campus guy is different from a guy doing law. This goes back to the praises getting to their heads, it’s the genesis for their enormous egos. This guy would rather hung than carry for his babe a jerrycan of water once there’s a water shortage. ” Come on, isn’t their someone else that can do that?” Well, that someone else isn’t sneaking in quickies on cold days, are they?! I don’t know who wrote the code compelling them to act high and mighty but it’s an eye roller. 

A tad boring: See, I will fancy suited-up Mike Ross in the court room, he’s everything. However, the goofy Mike Ross in slacks is way hotter. Yes you have countless stuff to read but take a chill pill and actually chill. A girl wants a boyfriend from her man not a father figure. “No E news, we are watching all news segments for every TV station,” boy bye?

Yes I decreased you to stereotypes, let’s see if you will die from bruised egos. Can’t deal with these ones!

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Amisha Mukasa

Lifestyle and entertainment stole my heart. Taking the humorous way out of any situation defines who I am and what I write. amishamukasa@gmail.com


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