When digital audio files are presented in the form of a series to a user/ listener who can listen to and download it, such digital audio files are known as Podcasts.

Podcasts came as an evolved product of radio programming. The only difference is that radio programming had a fixed distribution platform, whereas a podcast is digitally produced on various platforms and can also act as stored files. In the current era, podcasts can be found on all major digital platforms on the Internet.

Usually, a podcast consists of a group of people discussing a particular topic of discussion. These discussions can be on sports, news, technology, current affairs, fashion & lifestyle, etc. Podcasts usually can be differentiated on the type of genre and also attract specific listeners depending on the genre and topic.

What are the advantages of a Podcast?

Since radio programming used to be a major thing back in the day, attracting plenty of listeners and also bringing along a varied set of topics, podcasts became the next big thing in the digital world. They took over all major digital audio and video platforms. Some prominent advantages of a podcast are as follows:

  • Podcasts can be of any length.
  • They can be based on a single topic or multiple topics.
  • The frequency of a podcast can be daily, weekly, or monthly. 
  • A podcast can consist of two or more people and can also accommodate a large group over a particular topic of discussion.
  • They can be viewed at any time over any digital platforms and can be saved in offline mode as well.
  • Podcasts tend to cover significant topics of discussion, providing users with the best quality of entertainment and knowledge.
  • A podcast can be in both audio and video formats.
  • A podcast consists of a list of episodes available for users and tends to cover multiple topics.
  • A podcast is the best alternative to music for users while commuting.

Sports stands as one of the highest trending topics across the world. Be it a regular discussion with your friend to being a trending topic on the news or any digital platform, sports has always been one of the most sought-after topics across a majority of users.

Since podcasts took over the digital platforms, many podcast channels have emphasized on sports and all aspects of it to keep the users engaged and updated regularly. Listed below are some of the most prominent sports podcasts in the world:

The Lefkoe Show

The NFL is one of the most significant games played in the US. With a great number of followers of the sport, the host of The Lefkoe Show, Adam Lefkoe and Bleacher Report’s resident Chris Simms form a great duo on this podcast.

Being an ardent lover of the NFL, Chris Simms brings out the perfect output for sports content related to the NFL. This show hosts many guests, including prominent NFL players and gets into great and intense discussions over the sport.

ESPN Daily

ESPN Daily is one of the most prominent sports podcasts emphasizing the major sports being played across the world. It is a weekly morning podcast bringing fresh and latest sports content.

Major sports of the world such as football, basketball, cricket, motorsports, NFL, etc. are covered by ESPN with the latest news, all match results, and more. With their reporters and array of analysts bringing in all the latest updates for every sport, ESPN is one of the most sought-after podcasts for sports enthusiasts.

The Ryen Russillo Podcast

The Ryen Russillo Podcast is very famous amongst sports enthusiasts. Covering a large number of sports topics, The Ryen Russillo Podcast brings to you the latest and most logical discussions over the topics and is hosted by Ryen Russilo.

The Ryen Russillo Podcast mainly covers the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The ardent lovers of basketball, baseball, and football are attracted to this podcast. The Ryen Russillo Podcast is also famous for holding major arguments and discussions over other digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. which helps them generate fans and user suggestions, reviews, and comments, which are further brought as discussions in their podcast.

The Ryen Russillo Podcast not only emphasizes sports but also brings podcasts for movies and movie-related topics for the people. Going by the name of “The Ringer ”, the Ryen Russillo Podcast is certainly one of the best podcasts for sports.

Crime in Sports

Crime in Sports is one of the podcasts meant for comedy as the two hosts of the podcast James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman take a hilarious and unmerciful look at athletes who have had the biggest losses in their respective games.

All embarrassing and funny moments of the players during their games are brought up and highlighted in a comedic way on this podcast. With a different approach towards the sports category, Crime in Sports is one of the unique sports podcasts.

The Steve Austin Show- Unleashed

Considered as one of the greatest wrestlers to ever set foot in the ring, the host Steve Austin’s world-famous podcast is a great place for discussion of all wrestling-related topics. Being a professional wrestler, Steve Austin brings out the most prominent wrestling superstars on his show to discuss everything pertaining to wrestling and the lifestyle around it.

Steve Austin’s world-famous beer can also be found as his companion in the podcast as he used to set the benchmark during his wrestling days in the WWE. With his charismatic and aggressive style, Steve Austin’s podcast is undoubtedly one of the most famous sports podcasts when it comes to the topic of wrestling.

The MeatEater Podcast

The host of The MeatEater Podcast, Steven Rinella, built the podcast on a belief that the natural world that we live in enriches our lives in many ways. Man is dependent on nature for its appetite, and the features of hunting, fishing, conservation of nature and wildlife foods are emphasized on The MeatEater Podcast.

The MeatEater Podcast is one of the few podcasts having a season series on Netflix. The show emphasizes the traits of hunting wildlife, cooking, and the various recipes you can craft from it. All different kinds of animals suitable for hunting and cooking are listed on TheMeatEater Podcast, and the crew of TheMeatEater Podcast also explains the art and craft of hunting.

Being one of the most recognizable podcasts in the hunting genre, the MeatEater Podcast explains as to how a podcast attracts and enlightens the users with the utmost knowledge in that genre.

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