​WCW! Karen Hussein, the Ugandan Girl Turning Necks In UK University


East or West, home is blessed – or to be more majority-inclined – home is best! This saying is always on replay in the mind of the cutie Karen Hussein, a Ugandan-British medical student at the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Karen, a down-to-earth, God-fearing, loving and lovely girl, shared with us some insights about herself, and campus life in the UK. 

“My name is Karen Hussein Roshan. I am Ugandan: a mixture of British, Rwandan and Muganda. I do Medicine And Lab Technology at the University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.”
“I have studied both in Uganda and UK, but honestly, I haven’t found a big contrast. Maybe color, technology, organization and weather, but what people do at campus in Uganda is more less the same with that here.” She commented. Actually, I was tempted to ask her if they also eat Rolex and Kikomando as their main meals, but I let that pass. LOL! 

“I have not had any challenge. I do my best to make many people fall in love with what I do. With that, I minimise challenges in this land.” Roshan said; clearing the air about the mammoth challenges that African students reportedly face in diaspora. 

About her likes and dislikes, Karen wasn’t covert, 

“I like fashion, plus things to do with science; but I never let studies change who I am. I swim, play basketball, love watching series and meeting new people. I hate people who take me for granted, and those who disrespect me. I hate bad smells too…” She revealed, busting out a warm laugh.

lf there is one thing every beautiful girl can never lack, then it’s a good sense of fashion. Karen shared hers too, 
“Basically, I describe my fashion sense as fantastic. I want to be a star in terms of fashion, so I make my fashion style eye-catching.

“My favorite accessory is my phone: iPhone 7+. I spent a lot buying it, and I still spend more because I buy many headsets and covers, so as to match with my daily clothes. My power is being contagious. (Won’t add anything to that). My dreams motivate me. I have great dreams. I want to be a doctor and a fashion star. Whenever I think about how I want to be in future, I get motivated to work hard.” Says the cutie. 

Hussein is however not your usual type of girl. She doesn’t keep much stock in partying. She is a home-girl; who only hangs out once in a while in places like Swindon Park. To the reader, our WCW had this to say, 
“Live your life fully to your expectations. Don’t let people’s gossip and indifference drive your life. Be positive and live around positivity.”

We are in bliss to have you as our WCW, Karen. My team at The Bee and I, celebrate your eye-catching beauty and outstanding brains.

Bash Mutumba is an art Otaku: a poet, script writer, actor and blogger. Twitter: @BashMutumba IG: bashmutumba WhatsApp: +256 788 091 455 Facebook: Bash Fahad Mutumba