First it was supposed to be written as dear diary but that doesn’t seem so personal, does it? I mean anyone can have a diary and I am not letting everyone read my diary so let’s take it as a letter I am writing to my best friend (El).

So dear El,

School started a few weeks back but it’s like a whole new learning how to do this campus thing again. So to get you all caught up, there was my class crush last semester (the details will follow), I got a new roommate, I think my hair grew longer and that’s almost it. I am mostly balancing school, keeping up with friends, drinking water and minding my business.

So back to my class crush, he most probably met the love of his life over the holidays and I don’t think we will be seeing each other again (not like he was seeing me anyway, but you can see where I was going with this). Classes seem to be picking up way faster than I thought they would, but I am already like 5 assignments behind and yet we promised I would do better this time.  The lecturers are just trying to do their job but I am quite convinced they are trying to kill us.

Campus was off to a great start as all my friends seemed to be settling down but then Lauren broke up with her boyfriend so we had to drink all the alcohol we could find and hate men all week.  We blocked him; I actually acted like I hadn’t seen him the other day only for her to get back with him. It might be the valentine’s pressure or something but it is usually like that.  I am also texting back all the side niggas just to be sure I am not wasting any of my chances for Friday but if that fails I will be under one of them or on top of them whichever way it moves.

Some of my friends that went abroad to study are stuck in the middle of a virus infected city that is on a lockdown.  They live in fear and they are trying to get the government to help them but the situation seems to be getting worse.  I am praying for them to be safe but is there more I could do?

Still on the updates about my life, we agreed 2020 is my year so I am going to get a boyfriend (or throw in a sugar daddy by mistake) but that road seems quite steeper than we thought.  Also I don’t really believe I spend this much but somehow I don’t even have a quarter of my upkeep left. Well I have to admit I kinda live beyond my means but that wasn’t the moral of the story.  The semester has been off to a rocky start but who hasn’t had it rough sometimes? Well hope we do better.

It’s getting quite late and I have class to wake up to(lets not forget how we are trying to catch up with school) . See you next week!

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Fiona Bagaine


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