They came…she brought them apparently to meet her whore roommate. Tania found out I bedded her man. These past two weeks there has been an influx of visitors in the room. They all want to know who I am. Hahaha! I earned myself a name `Trudie the whore’. Some try to hide the fact that they are here to see me, but I know…Ryan has never come around, I think they broke up. Tania doesn’t want to talk to me, I bet she’ll apply for change of room. I don’t really care. Two of her friends ruffled my feathers though, they tried to hit me.

How insane could they be? It wasn’t their men. I kept calm because I’m not the kind of girl to throw punches, I don’t no how to. They called me a bitch, whore, slut name it. It’s only normal that I crammed their names to memory; Joy and Edith. I recited their names all night in my sleep. That was two weeks ago. In the morning I woke up and created a Facebook account. I looked for Tania, checked her friend list and there I found my girls; Joy and Edith. I checked their profiles. Joy was in a relationship. Her wall was filled with images of her flaunting her man. I sent him a friend request and waited. He confirmed it and I set to work. For two weeks on end I have been playing the seduction game. He’s called Emma. I flirted with him, pumped up his ego…by the end of the day he was asking for my mobile number. I gave it to him. He has been calling almost daily, sometimes more than twice a day. I’ve been teasing him over the phone, filling his head with ideas.

Today he called me, asked me to go see him. I know I have tests coming up over the weekend but I just couldn’t give away this opportunity. I bathed, sprinkled perfume all over me…and chose my attire with caution. I decided not to wear a bra, bras do injustice to these beautiful mounds on my chest. I chose to go all black. There’s something thrilling about being in black. I wore a clingy black dress. I am not a girl you would call curvaceous, but I still have that feminine figure going on.

I went with no knickers on because it excites me to be that way. The bodaboda I got took me straight to Akamwesi Wandegeya. Emma is a third year MUK student doing Journalism. That’s what he told me. I don’t really care if it’s true or not. I signed in, my palms were a bit sweaty, I was nervous. He had given me his room number. I went up and knocked. I could tell he was checking me out the moment he opened the door and I found myself passing my tongue over my lips, over my red O’real smudge free lipstick.

    `Come in,’ he said and I did. I stayed standing looking around as he locked the door.
`Nice room,’ I said.
`Thanks, you look good…you didn’t give me a hug.’ I tossed my bag to the floor and walked up to him, placed my hands round his neck and kissed him full on the lips.
`I could offer you more than a hug, I could offer you much more…you don’t have to ask.’ He kissed me back, with rugged hunger and I pressed close, made sure he could feel my soft bust against him. I am a temptress, it runs in my genes. His hands went round me, to my waist, then lower to my ass and he drew me closer. I felt him harden against me and I started to move backwards not letting him go, not stopping the kissing until I felt the bed behind me and I got onto it. He followed. We were skin to skin in no time. I used my tongue all over him, made him go cold goosebumps showed then hot he broke out in a sweat. He got his rubber on and we got working. We did it slow, we did it fast, gentle, hard,…we went four rounds.
Joy now I give you reason enough call me `whore, bitch…’ whatever you want. Now, you can attempt to slap me…I bedded your man.
Edith watch your step, your next, I don’t forgive. I’ll strike when you least expect it. It could even be years from now, but I’ll strike. When I do I’ll let you know. Now you have the right to call me `Trudie the whore’ as you did before. You could bring your friends to check me out, you know my room in Valley Courts Nakawa just be ware I bite!

I remain yours truly,


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