A MUBS student has messaged Campus Bee to share the horrific details of how she lost out on her relationship with a good Kyambogo dude because she had been reckless in her first semester and had sex with over six guys. She is calling out to her lover that if he reads this, he forgives her because they meant for each other. Read her story below;

I will not disclose all my names but I am Diana studying B.COM at MUBS. I am now going to year 2 and I am a resident at Valley Courts. In my first semester at MUBS, August last year, I had just joined in and was kinda excited about life at campus and all. Our OGs and OBs used to come to our former school and tell us how enjoyable life is at university and I couldn’t wait to finish and have this life away from the strictness at school and home.

So when I joined, I wanted to really have a good time. I used to go to clubs, bars, lounges and as many house parties as I would hear of. Truth is, I used to get guys who would buy me booze, get me high, dab and some would take me home late in the night and have sex with me. I reached an extent where I got used to this that it seemed normal to have sex with some of these guys. Most of them were campusers like me while others were random working guys I met in bars.

In total, I bedded 6 different guys in my first semester at campus and I thought it was all about the fun. My academics were messed that semester and I don’t want to imagine the GPA I obtained because it must have been nasty. Anyway, I later realized it was peer pressure and band wagon making me do these things because I had friends I would party with and they all loved this life. When semester 2 started in January this year, I resumed my former life of partying until one of my friends introduced me to this random dude from Kyambogo University at Valhalla on a Friday.

He was sipping away his Tusker Lager with another dude just outside the bar where they play pool from. I had heard a lot about KYU dudes and how they are lousy but I was shocked to later learn that he studied there. To be brief, this guy was hawt, presentable and talked a lot of sense. I managed to have a sensible conversation with him, we just drank and sat there since he said he didn’t fancy dancing and dabbing because he was highly esteemed, but I got attracted to him.

For him, bars were for drinking, chatting and playing pool and that was all he did and left. To cut the long story short, I sensed that this guy liked me and he often told my friends that he did want me for a fiancee but he was insecure about me since I was too beautiful so he didn’t begin a relationship with me for fear of disappointment. Deep down, I wanted to date and eat this guy already because he was a sensible and responsible guy with good humor and vibes, had money and I was ready to give him the best sex that he would not leave me for anyone else.

One of my friends who was close to him whispered to me that he was planning a surprise party for me on my birthday which was on June 5th and I knew he was going to propose to me that day. I was excited and couldn’t wait until I got the worst nightmare. In May, my name and contact appeared on the sures list and dude saw it – confirming his fears.

It seems the other guys whom I bedded in the past when I was a nuisance published my contact among the sures. It is so unfair yet I was now changing for this dude who was going to show me the good things in life. Dude didn’t organize the birthday party as earlier planned and he told my friend that he is so disappointed and wasn’t going ahead with me anymore. I feel so haunted by my past. I’ve tried to call him but no response. I won’t mention his name but I’m begging him if he is reading this to please be considerate to me. What happened to me is in the past and I am ready to be there for him alone. I am not the same person I was before

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