Before all this hullabaloo about sures started on social media, they actually existed and we ate them in peace without the world having to know. I was really disgusted when I found out that guys were exposing contact details of our lovely sures.

Sharp friends of mine had proceeded to text the anonymous people on the contacts that appeared on the list with 230 contacts that were majorly numbers belonging to campus babes apparently. Rather unsurprisingly, almost all of them were being blocked and trashed before the third message.

The first time I encountered a sure was in my second year when a friend gave me a contact of a girl and said he had done her without much hustle. I said God bless you because “ebyo byenjagala.” I was scared to text a stranger but my horn had the best of me that time and I eventually texted Ronah (not real name) from UCU Kampala campus.

It was so satisfying psycho-socially that I found her online when I first texted her, and without a further ado, serious lines had flown from my keyboard to her inbox at rates not even I can be able to explain. The girl whom I expected to react like other girls who first ask you where you got their numbers from actually surprised me and she responded disarmingly.

I was then set into a state of frenzy wondering whether she is the one who was appearing on her profile picture or not. I did the introduction and also demanded for the same from her. She ably complied and to my amazement, she was actually more gorgeous than she was when she took her profile picture. I had to improvise and claim that I got her number from a girl called Mexes who was her classmate but a very close friend of mine. She didn’t know her but she fell for it nonetheless.

After several days of spending sleepless nights, texting and sharing photos with the person I had met on social media, we decided to meet and boy didn’t we smash on the first time? Deep down I was thinking to myself, “what kind of idiot can you be to have such a sure and you share her contact?’ I mean, handle her alone. You don’t have to share.

I would call her to Kikoni at any time of the day or night and she would come. She really enjoyed my company and we visited the bathroom, the carpet, the door, and the table together to the extent that at one time we used my balcony while there was jam on the road below my hostel. We were that naughty.

I thought it was just fun and games until I saw her entering Douglas Villa (another hostel in Kikoni) and my mind raced to believe she had someone else she was doing there. I confronted her and she said she had a girlfriend there, she even gave me the girl and I talked to her on phone. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t know the worst was yet to come.

I am really hitting my world limit and I need to stop but in that drama, I somewhat changed her contact to LOML (love of my life) and led myself on a perilous path to destruction because never in the history of the niggadom has a guy ever caught feelings for a sure and here I was.

[…to be continued.]

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