Most confessions in the Campus Bee inbox are always astonishing! Well, if you thought crazy people do not exist, here is a confession from someone who will totally amuse you till your jaws drop. So I got this story from a friend who is not willing to give up what she’s doing though her scandals have already dug her a grave. She’s still enjoying everything about it. Daphne (not real name) was narrating to me how she got from sleeping with her best friend and it quickly escalated to bed the father of the house.

“I started hanging out a lot at my best friend’s house for some good time and the whole family knew me as a sister there because me and my best friend would vibe quite too well. One day, as it was a usual thing for me to do, I went over but didn’t inform my best friend about it, so he didn’t know I was available. Luckily enough I found his big brother at home and he seemed to have caught a lot of interest in me, so we started smashing for a couple of weeks. I would totally hide it from my best friend till the day I decided to let the cat out of the bag and thus we started dating like normal people without hiding it. My best friend was totally okay with it as long as I got some time off for him”, Daphne narrated.

“There was a day when my best friend got really upset because his father had stopped giving him money and he asked me to help him out with that. I didn’t know how I was supposed to help but I just accepted any offer he had as long as it got him money. He then hooked me up with his father and said that whatever money I make out of him, we share at a ratio of 7:3. I was totally cool with that and I started seeing his father but also dating his older brother at the same time. This went on for about 4 months and I would enjoy exclusive trips to expensive places and also make a hell lot of money since this family is really loaded.”

My dooms day in paradise came on my best friend’s birthday which he apparently shared with his father and it was meant to be a family surprise, no outsiders. The father called me over to his house claiming that the family will be out and I should go check on him. My luck trashed to pieces when his older son, who was my current boyfriend found us making out in the kitchen when he had come to collect some stuff for the birthday party. He wasn’t as shocked as I expected him to be and he just said, “so you are the one doing my father these days!” And he laughed it off.

I rushed to collect my belongings to leave the house but before I left he promised that he was going to tell everyone about the kind of slut that I am. I brushed it off thinking it was a joke and went back to my hostel to sleep, only to find missed calls from my family members and other unknown contacts. Little did I know that he had told the whole story to everyone that he knew was connected to me, I had never been embarrassed like that in my whole like and my own family called me a marriage wrecker with my own mother threatening to deny me. But all the ended at a point, she said, because even after that scandal I’m still sleeping with him who was supposed to be my ex now and he is a married man!

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