Dating is hard, especially now in a time where men get shallow by the day and women parade their bodies on social media for attention. To find the right one is kinda impossible because the biggest percentage of the world nowadays is self-absorbed. But that’s life, it isn’t static, it changes very often. So you have to change with it, if you are using your grandma’s old dating rule book you’re in for a ride aboard the single train. Here are a number of old school dating rules keeping you single:

Expecting a disney related romance.
I will start with the mother of old school, the classic, ” I’m waiting on my prince charming” or “I want a chic with an hour-glass body” sweetheart these aren’t the movies, in real life, most of the guys are deep shits and the babes have love handles for days, so wake up from that dream cause it ain’t happening. Such a mentality is making you picky and thus making you fail to find a bae, limit your fantasies and love with shine.

Not dishing out the goods.

Now I’m not saying a girl shouldn’t keep her virginity, hell no, power to the girl that’s keeping herself for her husband. Now, in the real campus world where boys’ browser histories have slut mania.com or naughty nurse.com, you won’t find one to live up to your rules. This is sad reality, boys will go after girls that are letting them go the whole way not just stolen kisses here and there.

Waiting on the boy to make the first move. 

I have no idea who invented this rule, I personally hate everything about it, Lord knows the times I have swallowed my feelings for a guy because it’s not a ladylike thing to approach a guy. Plus the guys are intimidated by it so it’s like impossible. However with the new reality of cougars, online dating and what not, it’s in someways okay for a woman to approach a guy. I mean why wouldn’t you? Yes he might turn you down but you won’t suffer a stroke from it, will you?

Being picky with girls that aren’t future housewives.

Reference to the famous I ain’t your mama song, J-lo couldn’t have painted the picture any clearer . Hey boy, boy that’s keeping his dishes and clothes dirty, most of the girls at campus aren’t wired that way. We have done expensive manicures worth 30k and you think we are going to wash your clothes? Hell even I don’t wash my clothes so why would I do it for you? Yes a little helping him clean up here and there is fine but making a maid out of a campus girl is hard. If you are picking out girlfriends basing on this then you’re going to keep single.

Trying to control every guy you date

Okay this rule is old school but it will never go out. We shall always try to redeem you of your childish ways, try to make men out of you. Yes, women are naturally manipulative, we love to control men because they mess up almost everything they do alone. Now guys hate this, a girl telling him how to live his life is not how he wants to live his life. So to the girl that’s OCD about keeping your guy in check, this is the reason you are single AF.

There you go, if you are falling victim to these rules, don’t ask yourself why you are seated alone at the bar or have no one to call after listening to a Taylor Swift song from the Red album, your rule book is the devil!

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Amisha Mukasa

Lifestyle and entertainment stole my heart. Taking the humorous way out of any situation defines who I am and what I write. amishamukasa@gmail.com


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