Campus girls; here's why you're finding it easy to get a guy, but hard to keep him


Getting a guy is the easy part, keeping him is the hard part. You’re just the right age, you’re at your prime, men from all walks of life are targeting you which gives you a wide pool to pick from. It’s easy for you to get a guy however you have trouble keeping him and have you sat down to figure out why?
You’re boring.
Believe it or not everyone wants a great conversation, excitement, fun…they need a reason to laugh, be happy! I’m not saying you should be a comedian, no, I’m saying that you’re probably too held back and you do nothing fun to keep him interested.

You stop caring about the way you look when you get a guy.
A lot of girls are guilty of this, they dress to their best, generally look their best when they’re just meeting a guy and when they have him, they stop caring. If he was attracted to you for your looks and you stopped caring about the one thing that drew him to you and is probably the only reason he’s with you then what reason is there for him to stay? Plus he needs someone presentable.

You’re too demanding.
The moment you have the guy you start demanding for everything you can think of leaving him with no option but to take off. You may even go ahead to threaten him that if he doesn’t get you certain things you’ll be done with him.

You’re probably shallow.
Oh yes! You’re probably shallow, and believe me not every man can look past the fact that you’re shallow. They find it literally irritating so they let you go. You don’t give him the mental challenge he requires.

Your habits could be putting him off.
Your habits could be gross. It starts from simple things such as chewing too loudly(it’s actually not a simple thing), gossiping, quarreling, talking too much among other things. They irritate him.

You’re forcing him to change.
You want to change him to suit your interests against his will. You want to change whatever you can about him and he just isn’t comfortable with being forced to change. So he leaves so he can stay who he is.

You’re a bully.
Everything must go your way. All decisions must be made by you or must have your approval. You bark orders and treat him like your servant. You make him feel small and he needs to be somewhere he feels treasured.

There’s a lot more that I may not mention; you’re treating him like trash, you’re lazy, you’re a bad cook, you’re poor in bed…reasons may vary depending on what the guy prioritizes.

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