It’s your first date and you will need to sweep her off her feet judging by the different things you do. Most of you fear these fancy places because of how they appear. Well the good news is not all of them charge highly for a decent meal. If you can afford javas, you can afford any other cheap and exquisite place. Here are some of the cheap but exquisite places you can take your girl for a first date.

Victoria Café. Due to its location and the various up town faces that sit in this exotic place, many people would just by pass it onto the next kafunda fearing that it would charge them highly. The good news is that this is one of the cheapest dope places around town. Very pocket friendly it is. Take your girl here, call the waitresses to take your pics, pay your 36k for two meals and walk out a happy man.

Café Ceylon. This is one of the doppest food hang outs that offers nice food at very cheap prices. Located next to Panamera bar, one would not think of purchasing a meal in this place because of everything about it. It is very cheap with a romantic ambiance. It offers a full course meal with starters, main course meal, desserts and 2 glasses of wine at only 70k for two every Thursday, you cannot get this anywhere at only 70k. This is the place to be with your chana on a Thursday for your first date. On any other day a plate of food would go for around 18k.

The Bistro. If you can afford café Javas then you surely can afford the Bistro. Offering services and food within the same range, it is one place mistaken to be expensive because of the high end humans that hang around there. It is as friendly as it can get. At 70k you can get a meal for two. If this amount scares you, don’t worry you are not doing it daily, its your first date with her, come one you need to impress. A Friday with some live music would be the best day to take her.

2K Restaurants. These have been built to speak comfort to the on lookers. This very exotic place is very affordable for a campuser wanting to impress some class mate. Spare that money, do not buy handouts for about 2 weeks so that you can have your babe sitting behind a 20k plate of food. It is worth it for a first date.

Mezza Restaurant. If black January hits so early, this one would come in handy for a couple that would want to lightly snack for a first date. Take her for 8 chicken wings on a plate of chips at only 12k and have her smile. It is exquisite enough, located just opposite Acacia mall.  It is very cheap and okay for a date.

If you feel these prices are scary, take her for a movie date it still counts and you also need to loosen up a bit. This is the cheapest and exquisite there is around town. Just make her first date count!

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