Roommate sex etiquette: It is very hard for one to sleep while you are having sex. Your roommate might not tell you but it hurts to see or hear the sex sounds. I know it is sometimes impossible for ladies to avoid this moaning and enthusiastic sex sounds but you can follow the following guidelines below to make life easy for your roommate.

Loud music, loud music! When it is a must that you should have sex in the presence of your roommate put a loud music to soften this extraneous sounds that girls produce when having sex. Sometimes when you are having sex you might not be aware of the noises you are making. So don’t underestimate the noises, because they are too noisy for a roommate who wants to sleep and is four feet away. Also remember that your roommate might not forgive you forever if you decide to have sex in the room in his presence without noticing him.

Close the door! If your roommate is away and you did not notify him or her that you will be screwing or you will be screwed by somebody, ensure that your roommate doesn’t come unexpectedly and find you having sex. You can lock the door and drop a polite notice text like “Please give me 30 minutes, I have a visitor in bed.”

Ask your roommate to give you some alone time: It is wise to tell you roommate that you will be having a visitor to avoid inconveniencing her. You roommate will understand if she feels that you respect her. I am sure your roommate would not let you down because she understands how bad it feels when a sex date fails. Your roommate will rather prefer to go to the library and study rather than witnessing your sex adventures. Also make sure that you don’t keep your roommate out until midnight when you know very well that she has no where to go. You can put an alarm so that you can stop having sex after the agreed time. That way your roommate will respect you. But don’t take advantage and keep inviting your partner everyday. Your roommate did not pay for that room so that you can keep having sex with your partner.

You are both adults and everybody understands what sex is and how good it feels to have sex. But be respectful to your roommate when you are having sex to avoid grudges.

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