I spread my legs showing my pussy to him. He dove in head first at the invitation.
`Oh shit!’ I exclaimed. I had quite forgotten how it felt like to be with him, how it felt to be with a man. Now he was making me recall, reminding me why he was the only constant man in my life, my best friend:Jovan. He and I have come a long way. He dates whoever the hell he wants. Well as for me I don’t necessarily date but I fuck whoever I want. Jovan knows me in and out…he’s my truest friend. I can turn to him for whatever help I need. I’ve recently been doing a lot of hard and nasty stuff with girls. Jovan knows. I haven’t had sex with a man in over a month. Now if you know me then you also know that I’m a sexually charged human.

Yes being with a girl feels great, the orgasms are wonderful but I miss the feel of a hard cock in me. I guess I’m not really cut out for lesbians. Maybe it was a phase that I had to go through in my journey of sexual discovery. One thing I’m sure of however is that I’ll always want dick so I found myself calling Jovan.
`Are you home?’
`Yes.’ Then I got here and that moment I saw him. I realized I had missed him. I don’t easily miss people. I didn’t say a word I just kissed him and he kissed me back being the gentle man he is. Then he drew apart a little.
`I know that look…you’re horny.’
`True…really horny.’ I bit my lower lip and looked him in the eye. He smiled, that slow sweet smile of his.

So what happened to the girls? Thought you were lesbian now…they don’t satisfy your urges anymore? Told you love dick way too much to be lesbian haha.’ He was right. He’s usually right about me. He knows me. I drew him in again and kissed him again not gently like the first time. This was different then I moved from his lips a bit. His hands were on my waist drawing me in. Then I moved my lips to his neck touching him softly with them yet what I actually wanted to do was bite.

`I just want you to fuck me really hard,’ I said. So that’s how I got to his bed and made me realise that there are some things you just don’t really leave behind. His tongue slid up and down over my outer folds. His tongue bore into my hole and my hands went to the back of his head, pulling him in as I moaned. He quickly found my clit and circled it and rubbed over it with his firm tongue.
`Oh fuck!’ I hissed.

He was focused on that little nub, teasing it and rolling over it. When he began to lick up and down, my body shuddered in response. His hands were on the back of my thighs, pulling my pussy against his face as he explored my sex. His soft lips and warm mouth suckled on my womanhood as his tongue danced over my clit. I had almost forgotten that this man had the power to make me wild, I had almost forgotten the lust he created in me.
His head moved from between my legs and my eyes came open. I begged him to go on but instead he positioned his body between my legs and started to kiss my neck then his tongue ran down my body, over my nipples, my legs, everywhere but my aching pussy. Now if you have ever been so close to cumming and then you don’t cum you’ll know how I felt. I was desperate, really desperate. I tried to grind my groin against him as much as I could but all in vain. He just kept teasing me. It was blissful torture. Then I felt his dick penetrate my cunt. It had been long…really long since I had had dick deep within me I almost came instantly.

His hands cupped my breasts and he began to rapidly thrust his hips up and down shoving his hard cock in and out of me. I tried to match his rhythm but he was pumping up and down so fast that I began to hold onto his chest as he rocketed his cock in and out of my hole. It was too much for me. How could I ever think I could get over this addiction…
`FUCK!!!’ I screamed and then my hips squeezed hard against the sides of his body. He never stopped plowing his hard meat in and out of my hole, his pelvis slamming against mine as he burried himself to the root, while the juices of my orgasm began to drip out of my pussay and running down the crack of my ass. My body shook and I closed my eyes.
`Fuck! You fuck so hard.’
`That’s what you’re here for.’ Our eyes locked then he thrust in hard it hurt. I shut my eyes a bit but I loved this. It feels better with some pain. Pain makes the pleasure more intense…I’m officially back to dick hunting…

Yours truly,

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