Men refer to love games between girls either neutrally or condescendingly – and sometimes even with frank interest. All this can really seem funny until it touches you personally. We will sort out a delicate matter together.

A well-known stereotype lies in the fact that love games between women’s are perceived as something easy by male consciousness, innocent and frivolous, supposedly men like to look at them, and sometimes they themselves encourage them (at least one of the most common male fantasies is just threesome sex with a girlfriend and her female friend).  And if betrayal with a man is perceived as one hundred percent humiliation, then with a woman it is interpreted as a hint at the future harem.

No one, of course, says that your girlfriend prefers women in principle (why would she have lived with you?), But girls are frivolous creatures, and in life everything happens: it can be a whim, foolishness or even a desire to tease you. Whatever it was, if your girlfriend often spends the night with her new female friend or carries out joint trips with her to Venice or to the beaches of Barcelona, you should gently intervene until these games become a habit.

  1. The first rule: do not pretend that nothing is happening, although many are doing just that because of the confusion. It’s a kind of defensive reaction: “It’s so strange that it’s better to me not to interfere. They are like little children, let them play a little and soon they will get tired of it.” Do not scoff at this or instantly move on to hints of threesome sex. It’s naive to think that she has got herself a tender girlfriend just to please you in four hands.It is good, of course, if it turns out exactly how you dream, but usually everything is somewhat more complicated, and you in this triangle may not be the most desired link.First, figure out what it is: a whim or a long-standing hidden desire. Then find out from whom the initiative comes: maybe it’s just inconvenient for her to refuse a more persistent and principled friend. By the way, it often happens so. And most importantly, do not show her that you are deeply shocked (even if you are really deeply shocked).
  2. Honestly, this situation gives you a chance to more or less calmly, without failures, to understand the very nature of feelings: on the one hand, you are obviously being cheated, on the other – you do not feel the usual pain and vexation in such cases, because in this case you are not the only one who experiences treason, but the whole male tribe does. Jealousy to the representative of your sex always blows the roof but here you are somehow floating high above the fight. This is a good way to get to know yourself better and look at yourself from the outside. You can learn to feel like an ordinary person, a man, without eternal rivals in the field of finance or…excessive penises. Get rid of your complexes – and you will immediately interest her with renewed vigor. And by the way, there is a certain plus in that you do not need to accompany her to all the romantic comedies of this season and similar events from that moment.
  3. Think about how you are having sex with her. Very often, such relationships between girls arise precisely on the basis of incomplete, let’s say, sexual satisfaction. Do not think that there are some unseen secrets in that area – they are always the same. Remember: all the 33 pleasures that she supposedly receives (or expects to receive) from a new female friend, you can quite provide by yourself, if you become a little more attentive to her body and his reactions. Thanks to our friends from contactbrides com for providing this article.

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