A lot of guys will date one girl after the other. It’s common knowledge; they do not like to commit. However, this is about me. I am a serial dater. Now if you’re someone who is interested in commitment or probably gets attached easily, I’m the kind of person that ought to be be your no go area. I never used to date until about two years back. Now if you ask me how many people I’ve dated between now and then, truth is I’ve lost count. I don’t think I’m actually about to stop counting for that matter.

I am constantly dating. I’m totally addicted to the dating game and as search cannot settle in a relationship. I’ll hope from one relationship to the other not because I’m constantly falling in love, far from that, I never fall in love. Dating is just thrilling for me. I never want anything serious. I am all for casual relationships and nothing serious because I want to be able to bolt with as much ease as possible. I never even make an effort to get to know the person I’m dating. I mean what for? I’ll be moving on to the next soon after.
I won’t really be letting them know me either. It’s more about passing time, nothing deep. I’ll stick around till the fun wears out.

I in no way want to talk about the relationship. I’ll avoid such conversations as much as I can and if a conversation as regards to this is overly demanded for, I’ll find reason to bolt. I really don’t like talking feelings, because I have no feelings to talk about. I don’t feel those butterflies in the stomach like every other girl seems to do. I don’t blush, I don’t get nervous or anything, my heart rate does not heighten in anyway, so really what’s there to talk about. Love is a no no. I really dread commitment.

Why not stay single then? Well, I’m addicted to dating! I need it to survive. I however hate commitment so I’ll date for short periods of time to avoid attachment and hop from one relationship to another. Funny, I never tire. You could think I’m paid to date, you know?
Funny still, every girl seems to complain about how men don’t want to commit and I weirdly keep meeting men that want commitment. I guess it’s true what they say, opposites attract.
Truth is I don’t even know why I date, and yet I can’t stop. I am simply addicted.
Do I want to be cured? I don’t know…

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