Most of us would prefer to date introverts to bubbly extroverts because it always seems like they are easier to get along with, easier to control and manipulate, easier to love and easier for practically everything. This should be okay if the guy is not overly the quiet kind. Some guys practically go mute when they get around your friends. This is where temperaments come into play. Now this is why you shouldn’t date an insane introvert;

Your friends will never be comfortable around him first of all. With such guys, you never really know what is going on in their minds. You always keep asking yourself If you are being judged for what you are saying or not. Getting a certain reaction from them is not easy so you might never know when you say anything that hurts them. Due to this, your friends will always want to avoid hanging with you for as long as you bring your man along. Leave him home, period!!

One thing I can guarantee you is that you will always have a sad and bad ground for communication. Trust me you do not want to feel like you are ‘tying’ on someone you actually love. He will always swallow what is hurting him, no human is perfect and for as long as he keeps swallowing his issues there will not be any problems solved. Such relationships don’t usually last. And it’s never the girl to blame when she chooses to walk out on such a guy.

This guy will always carry a negative implication on his face . In other words he will be boring. Your crazy friends do not need such energy around them. He will never crack a joke, never laugh when one is cracked, he is that complicated. He would walk around carrying a false knock-on effect. Everyone around you will always think something is wrong with your man. Babe you need to stop explaining why your man looks like that or why he is that mute!!

It has come to my realization that such guys are usually broke, jobless or if they have a job they never get promotions. This is why!! Expression is really hard for them. This is not what you signed up for hun, if he told you he was just having a bad day the day you first met him, he lied! Because of their fear to express themselves and inability to burst out of that emotional shell, it costs them jobs and many other beneficial stuff. Hun, trust me you do not want to spend the rest of your youthful life consoling your partner over spilt milk.

If you do not find this kind of guy already established, begin preparing the grave for your ‘twezimbe’ project. This will almost never happen. First of all these guys find it hard to communicate anything, so it will not be easy communicating is plans. He will expect you to be on the receiving end of all his good and fake stuff, when things go wrong, he will ask why you never warned him. But O well, he never told you in the first place.

Be an introvert that’s kawa, because some of these things are beyond our control but try to make your nature a little fun. At least do not bore my friends please.  Do not lock yourself out; you are boring the whole world.

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Lynn Turyagyenda
Writing is my loudest voice and biggest expression. I live for it.


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