You know leave can be a very trying time, less money flowing in and lots of women calling your mobile, I was on a sabbatical and life didn’t treat me exceptionally, naturally the ladies were on a rise because yes, I have that unforgiving charm and a pleasurable sense of humor ( haters gon hate!).

Monday morning and as the rain slowly pressed on my bedroom window, the birds chirped in ecstasy and the trees danced in unison, I was under my sheets, black in color and my phone all of a sudden started vibrating, one glance and on the screen, I saw a name so familiar, Sandra. My heart skipped a bit and I almost lost my breath, Sandra was a light skin that lived next door. Remember that girl I told you about, the one with a flamboyant a** and a mind blowing bust? I mean the MUK 2nd year virgin that I spent a fortune on only to push me away claiming she wasn’t ready? Now you do.

Sandra called to let me know that she was alone at home and she was feeling cold; my reply was simple, “come to my place, my bed could take on a girl like you.” No-sooner had I said the words than machete smelt a rat, he started rioting. Leave was boring but the morning was cold, and here was Sandra getting into a trap, the smirk on my face was legendary that morning.

She got into my house, red lip pressed on red lip, bra-less and in a shirt that I bet was for her dad and in pink socks with an innocent smile she got into my bed like a teen-porn star and before I knew it, I could feel my panty leave its place and machete was in a warm place, her mouth. I can swear that my eyes popped, she was good at giving BJ but all I wanted was to enter her virgin pot but only patience and a strong sense of fore-play would let me succeed because she had made it clear, “I am only giving you a BJ!”

She is a 2nd year fellow but one could think she is a fresher because she is fresh, too fresh she has eyes that could make any man fall in love, but no I wasn’t in love, I am a prisoner of lust, this couldn’t be, my thoughts, my heart all raced when she pulled her panties off after a few persuasive words and nipple tickling that sent her into a frenzy of WANT.

Man, never forget to get dressed, you never know which parasite, virus or disease she comes along with, yes, even virgins ain’t loyal.

Dressed and ready for the fight of blood, I slowly penetrated into her pot, dry and wet at the same time (Pun intended) I drilled on with expectation of blood and cum, I terrorized her bean hard that she started screaming like a dog. This wasn’t the usual in/out procedure, it was surgical, I was high on lust and thirst only stopped by the thought of the headline “Kyehuba beans MUK student to Stupor.”

She wasn’t a virgin, she might be one of these girls that use coke and claim they are virgins but after a heady pounding, and sweat intermingled, I bet she wasn’t a virgin. We danced to the tune of the dancing trees and we exhausted all styles even some that Kamasutra lacks, and when she was on her squirt, she whispered into my ear “We should do this more often.”

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