There is a thing about midweek, Wednesday to be precise, there is just that feeling that time or rather the week should just wind up and of course that comes with side effects like midweek horn which also requires mid week wanks or leg, the only sad aspect of midweek is the fact that there is hardly any lady willing to compromise her waking up time for the sake of a wank, or even to just give me a BJ or prolly, I know none willing to do that Midweek as they all claim to be busy with internship. But good always takes care of his own, some are on recess so I headed to MUK on that murky Wednesday evening after work, my intention was to meet Sandra, for I don’t know what, apparently I had read earlier on in the week that the fellas on recess are starving, plus I had a few bucks on me.

Sandra is a first year chap at MAK, with a protruding round bottom that can make waves when tapped, and her bonnet area is also well endowed with enormous mind blowing features, small lips that make kissing them lovable, lovely eyes that turn me evil and to mount it all, she is curvaceous, I mean, I think she has no ‘kamogo’(fault), for once, the Baganda were wrong. So I find Sandra waiting for me at the so called ‘box’ smartly dressed in a short red black mini dress, her brown thighs in sight, I can swear I felt an electric shock go through my body, she sat into the car that I often borrow from Bobby for such errands, then we headed to cafe Javas at the Kampala Boulevard, and after she had chopped my money, I took her home.

But on our way home, she got my hand off the gear and put it on her thighs, the clouds had started crowding around the sun and the moonlight still dim, so passer bys couldn’t know what was going on behind closed car doors and windows. Now I had to defy the theory that “One can’t serve 2 masters at a go”, I was driving, but my thoughts were between her warm smooth thighs, circumnavigating and slowly encroaching on her panties that easily slipped aside to let my finger through, apparently I had slowed down and everyone behind me was hooting, but I didn’t care, I told her to hold it till we got home, and I stepped on the gas pedal. When horn attacks the brain cells, you can drive like a drunkard high on horn, we got home in 45 minutes, but machete never lets me down, all that while, he was fighting in my pants.

Hardly had I packed the car, than my lips landed on hers, my tongue paced for passage through her lips and once gained, enjoyed the sweetness within. Meanwhile my hands had already reached between her thighs once again, this time, I didn’t go too deep because I had noticed something, she started moaning when I teased her nipples with a bite, I carried her into my apartment and onto my reading table, I pulled her panties off just as I had done the mini dress, she got my hand and pushed it into her pot, though warm, it smelt like dry fish, this was a total turn off, a smelling pussy, that  she showcased I bet to turn off the men that wanted her goat, come to think of it, she had a ‘kamogo’, these Baganda are always right.

She proposed a blow job, and immediately got onto her knees, (I will save you all the bore and get to my point), she was bad at it, and she bit me like 6 times and every time I screamed for dear Machete’s life, she thought I enjoyed it. To save myself and my manhood the agony of her bites, I got her off her knees and dropped her face forward towards the armchair, I didn’t mind if she had a water clogged or a poor drainage system in her pussy, I was going in there first and hard, I had to reward myself for taking her to dinner, so I was chopping her goat. Machete got dressed in a black ‘O’ and fought through pussy lips to penetrate her pot, after all its all pussy, good or bad, wet or dry.

She was now the one screaming for dear life as I pounded her to near death, we switched position and when I got her one leg and put it on the reading table as the other was on the ground for support , this was hard but I still pounded her hard enough she cum, she climbed on my bed and lay on her back, her nipples pointing to the ceiling and her legs wide apart, I thought of going in again but then, well, the smell hit me again and Machete collapsed.

Till we meet again, Yours Kyehuba.

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