Have you ever wondered if a guy that you’ve noticed actually likes you back? Yeah, I know, a lot of women think about it at least once in a lifetime. We all are humans, and the willingness to get what we want is irresistible and quite understandable. The problem is that a lot of articles that are aimed to detect those subtle feelings are based on women opinion. Not that there is something wrong with it, but male and female way of perception is drastically different. It’s always easier to go from an opposite tack and detect what’s really unpleasant to your companion. So, here are some signs when the guy doesn’t like you, coming FROM A GUY:

  1. He keeps his hands crossed. Yeah, it’s just how things happen. My male friend couldn’t explain why, he said that boys can go for this stance even if have no idea they apparently don’t like the person. Psychologists claim that any “closed” position shows that a person feels a little uncomfortable, and stays cautious with his talk partner. The body language tells a lot more than words. Look at his hands position closer. If a guy keeps standing like that, you should use any trick to “split” this pose. For instance, you can offer a glass of water, a gum, etc. to turn the “closed position” into “semi-closed”. After that feel free to try and set the conversation.
  2. He talks with you only among other people. And when you are alone, he expresses zero hints of interest. You can understand that the chances are extremely low. Because if a guy really likes you back, he will use any opportunity to keep that intimate atmosphere.
  3. He doesn’t like your posts on social media. Simple as that: if a guy likes a girl, he will use every opportunity to wake her up with a notification. Though not all of people care about likes whatsoever. They either can just be too shy to be exposed, or feel more intelligent than expressing feelings via likes. But still, a lot of people actually stick to this rule. My friend said that an average guy likes approximately one-third posts from his feed, expressing attention only to likeable girls. They want to make a statement, but not too loud of a statement.
  4. He doesn’t look into your eyes. Visual contact is as reasonable as body-language. You can tell this from personal experience. We tend to use every second to peek at a person we are attracted to. And, if he doesn’t look at you, simply make him do this. You don’t have to be “in yo face”, just come up with something clever.
  5. He never texts you first. There might be a chance that a guy is just shy as hell, but mostly you are just not interesting for him. Sorry. Anyway, there are only three explanations why he doesn’t text you first:

1) He is busy. Not all of people use social media for chats, memes and liking posts. A lot of guys actually just want to search for some information or use DM’s for work, believe it or not.

2) He’s shy. There is a high chance he stalks you online just as much as you do. He understands you are online at three in the morning, but a poor thing can’t acquire enough courage to text you.

3) He had no intention. Unfortunately, it’s the most common problem. My friend says that if a man likes you, he won’t miss an opportunity to talk to you. Sometimes there is no reason to search for da Vinci’s secrets in quite understandable things.

Sometimes it happens that he was flirting or even texting, but he doesn’t do it anymore. The main reason why boys do that crap is when they originally call you out of bore. Or you were just a plan b.

  1. He never shares with you information. If he prefers to talk about distant things like weather, he might not like you. Every person wants to hop into more intimate things when around his passion. But don’t worry, maybe he’s just dumb. Then I have a lot of questions about your choices, girl. Thanks to our friends from https://mariadating.com for providing this article.


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