By Shifrah Kayaga

It doesn’t matter how wealthy, beautiful or even handsome you are but what gives credit is for how long can you keep your relationship alive? Here are some steps on how to keep your relationship long lasting while at campus.


This is one of the most neglected attributes in a relationship and thus the cause of various break ups. Communication is the number one key to taking a relationship on a higher level. It doesn’t matter the distance in between but what matters is showing your loved one how good you can work out things together. Communication is very important as proclaimed by Kirabo Sylvester a 3rd year student at Makerere when he said, ” there will be those times when shit hits the fun in a relationship and this is when most people breakup but that’s not the best solution because in the worst moments is when we are needed most by our partners. Just don’t give up on love and keep fighting.”

Be aapologetic

No one has ever wanted to admit their mistakes apart from those that love you. It doesn’t matter who acted worst in a fight or argument but what makes credit is who apologized first. Apologizing shows your determination of pushing a relationship to another level. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is what matters is who was the bigger person in that situation.

Create memories

The only way you can always pull your loved one back is by making them remember you. Make sure your memories are filled with happiness and sacrifices. Moments come when you observe your relationship breaking down but just one memory can make the magic of bringing back happiness to your life. People always remember a lot concerning joy and sacrifices, If you only do that your partner will always be yours.

Surprise your partner as much as you can

When we speak of surprising, most people will always think it’s for the rich. No, it’s for all, don’t do what the rich do ‘I mean, don’t copy what is done in movies’. It’s not always all about expensive things, but even finding a love note in bed made to you by your partner is still a surprise. You can also make the night special by cooking your usual food and bringing in some new things on the dinner table, surprise your loved one as much as it takes even if it means taking her out of the house to make her observe this one bright shining star.


This counts a lot in a relationship. Men mostly get to realise from this whether they are ready to continue with a certain partner forever. It’s not all about wealth or height or beauty but it’s about the respect you give him that makes him feel a real man. Be understanding, be respectful, show the world that no one is better than him by creating miracles people will never believe. That’s what men love most, however much he loves you, please never get so blinded by failing to give him his respect because, there are a million who demand for maximum respect but aren’t loving at all. So u are lucky to be treated like an angel and his lucky to be respected by this angel.

Be romantic

This isn’t all about cuddling someone, Men love to be attended to in a special way and the same applies to women. A woman would love you to visit her with something that will awaken her love. They love being cared for, bring her arose from work, make her hair if u can, help her cook and so on. And for guys, they mostly prefer to be seduced by their own girlfriends. Make some special moves to entertain your partner. Make your relationship get to another level and I assure you, it will go for what you didn’t even imagine.

The ball is in your hands now, it’s up to you to keep your partner for your own self or be adventurous in things connected to love.

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