“So I have really thought about it for long Steven,” my ex girlfriend started, “you’re such a wonderful guy and I really like you but I think….”
1. “…. you deserve better than me.”
I knew about this break up line before she used it on me and I thought it was only for boys but alas! To cut the story short, she dumped me and we both moved on. When your guy tells you that you deserve better, slap the better out of his mouth if you are in close proximity. This break-up line is so lame even lame people dont use it.

2. I am scared of commitment.
You see the beauty about break-ups is that they never come in the early stages of the relationship. This guy wants to first enjoy the whole of you and then dump you. Saying you are scared of commitment is outrightly saying,
“Fuck this shit, I want something new.”
But boys will be boys, they will want to make a bitter break up look sweet.

3. I like you too much.
Some day he’ll say I like you too much that I don’t want to hurt you.
“You know relationships are unpredictable, anything can happen. So to protect you, I think we should call it quits. I dont want to hurt you.”
Ever asked yourself why all of a sudden he doesnt want to hurt you after he’s slept with you? Verdict: 1767 break-up line. Before missionaries even came.

4. Then there is silence.
This is the most used. Coincidentally, it is the dumbest. I have ever used it. But atleast I had a reason.
She set one of her friends as a trap on me and I fell for it, so her friend presented a detailed report to her and I got to know of it. I couldnt say a word. She sent me a message saying she was happy that I was too “busy” to talk to her and that is how we ended. Silence is a dumb method. Girls love communication. Atleast forge a reason. Tell her your lineage doesn’t do girls with big bums.

5. I want to concentrate on my studies.
Most likely, you are doing different courses and he has developed a crush on someone in his class or course.
This is just a humble way of saying,
“Babe, thanks for the time. I need to continue the journey.”
He saying that the two of you are at different points in life and you just cant connect. Boys can’t use this line if you are in the same line of study.

6. I need space.
One – he wants to get someone new or, two – he wants to keep in touch. Probably be sleeping with you as he explorers the world or, three – he wants to go on a search and if he isn’t successful, comes back to you.
None of them is appealing. All these circumstances are bad for the soul and no girl deserves to get such a dumb excuse for a break up. It is high time boys started facing it and call a spade a spade. Wake up one day and be like,
“This cant go on. You are nolonger attractive to me.” You may wake up an hour later on a hospital bed but it is worth it.

7. The person that gets you will be so lucky. “Yeah right! And you dont want to be that person?” We should pass general rules as the boyfriend’s association and one of them should be giving girls exclusive rights to beat up any guy that fronts such a line for a break up.
We all love the best for ourselves. No one sees a nice girl and wishes she were his friend’s not his own. Using such a line is demeaning the girl’s time she’s spent with you thus far.

Otherwise, this is not an essay exam. I will not discuss the other side. I know some of you have been reading expecting me to provide my award winning break-up lines at the end but you are definately getting none.
My editor only assigned me this and that is just the space I could afford, so bye.

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