Gays invade Kenyan universities; vow to recruit poor varsity students in Uganda


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Lesbians and gays have begun massive recruitment in Kenyan university campuses.

According to Campus Vibe, a product of Standard Newspaper, Kenya, homosexuals have invaded universities soliciting lesbian and gay sex from young students for as little as keshs250 (UGX 750) and as high as sh4, 000 (UGX 120,000) per night.

The homosexuals are said to have posted dozens of posters on the walls of most universities in Kenya advertising their illegal services and the response is overwhelming, since more and more young broke students are taking the money for gay and lesbian sex.

According to the report, universities that are most affected are the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University, where advertisements are all over the walls.

one of the advertisements read;

‘For the best gay experience, call 07XX XXX925, Gabbo.’ Another at Hall 5, Kenyatta varsity reads: ‘I want a gay man. Price negotiable, call 07XXXXX271 Charlo’.

These cases have also been reported in universities upcountry. Ruth Mulwe, a fourth-year education student at Mombasa Polytechnic University, claims that lesbians willing to pay have approached her before. Ruth says lesbians frequent parties and clubs to seek new mates. Surprisingly, they are seen leaving with one or two in their vehicles. “That is why I avoid clubs and parties,” Ruth told Campus Vibe.

The paper goes on to reveal that despite of the recently enacted anti-gays law in Uganda, these groups plan to recruit poor university students in Uganda beginning with the top public universities.

Let’s be on the lookout to avoid being recruited into the gay community. These people are soon (perhaps already) invading our campuses. Let’s here from you, send us an e-mail on

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