When people speak of UCU, there are two things that come to your mind first; law and church! But am glad to let you know that this great Christian university has got a lot of fine things than what meets the eye. These freshers came pimped up and fresher than all you have ever had.  Meet the 10 dazzling beauties of the Mukono based university.

10. Koeliwijn Joy

Looks like the law class of UCU has the hottest babes. Joy is pursuing a degree of law in this prestigious university. The aura that moves with her screams “hot”. She is one very shy girl, whose being shy makes her attractive. Her eyes look really deep into someone’s soul. She has got an irresistible smile that sends ideas to your head.  Her boos and nyash, just enough to complement her full body. When she holds the mic to sing, her shy self flees. Her voice is awesomely harmonized she is the kind that does not need back up. She is basically a natural. She also loves to make friends, adventuring, a distant admirer of bungee jumping, she loves long walks, swimming and following her favorite series. Such a cheerful soul she is. She is another to check out.

9. Atwiine Priscilla

One of the most curvaceous girls on this list and definitely in UCUC. This babe loves the camera and the camera surely loves her too. Her smile looks angelic when displayed behind the lens. Very gorgeous lassie that has got a body to definitely drool at. Her fledged body parts will stand out when you see her anywhere around campus. Her very swift waist moves to dance beats, an attribute that gets the guys going gaga. Priscilla has a very soft skin. It must be that ghee and milk. Every part of her body is as soft as a lonely pillow. This undoubtedly beautiful lady is so much into photography. This comes in handy for her because she is into modeling. She takes it seriously and wishes to own her own modeling agency someday. Atwine’s life is about growing her modeling career but also not neglecting her education. Besides photography and modeling, she loves having a good time. She is a fun loving person.

8.Kabanzira Anna

Babe with the most outgoing personality in the whole of UCU! Stamped.  Anna loves to parrrre… she goes all out. Very bubbly and funny not forgetting smart both in outlook and upstairs. She too has a Rihanna inspired fashion sense. She is a daring girl. She will wear black stick in the most interesting way and go out without caring what you think. Honestly she is probably the third person we have seen that looks astonishingly beautiful with black lipstick. Speaking of her style, she loves the ratchet style just abit toned down. She has got this fashion game going strong. She knows when to become high fashion and when to lay low in her ratchet awesome style. She has a body to die for. She has no problem displaying her sexy abs well because they are sexy. Her abs match perfectly well with her curvy body. Anna loves to dance, hanging out in the most exquisite places and eating out.  

7. katana Cynthia

Very humble and well composed, her personality makes her stand out. She has calm with a fully molded character that gets every one crushing on her. Guys in her class are blessed to have daily optical nutrition on the one flamboyant Cynthia. Described as one committed girl by her friends, she is not the kind to give up on anything.  That aside, this hot kyaana has curves to die for. She is inspiration for all the semi-thick fresh girls from all around. Cynthia maximizes her fun anytime she got the chance to; she knows she has got only one life. Her pensive eyes will drive you into an unexpected quick comma. She is the life of the party although she comes off as an introvert. “You will know she is not around.” Said one her close friends. She is one sexy slay mama driving these guys nuts. She loves swimming, partying and photography. Call it commercial modeling. 

6. karungi Denise

Too much hotness in her thickness. She is every guy’s ideal thick girl. Denise is HOT!! No debate about this. There’s always something about girls with heavy melanin, beautiful eyes and thick skins. I haven’t seen any in this caliber that does not stand out. She has her equally full-size magnificent white eyes and sapped lips. Her cheerful smile smites guys with adrenaline rashes. Denise who is not only the cutest thick girl in the hood, she is among the coolest kids in there. This lady is one with a very high class. You will tell from what she wears, what she likes doing, where she hangs out from and with whom. Week after week she will be clad in yeezy,  Balenciaga, Puma Fenty and the likes. You will want to be called her friend, you will be proudly associated trust me. Her wardrobe speaks for her. She gets none of her clothes from your ordinary cheap stores. Her kind of fun weekend is also not your cliché bar weekend. Boat cruises, island trips, road trips and some bar fun make up her kind of weekend. She rolls with the coolest kids. Aside all this, she is a very intelligent girl pursuing a degree in Law. Just like most girls, swimming, travelling and shopping are her hobbies.

5. Sharleen Bbosa

She is as precious as she looks. A pure corner stone. Sharleen is a first year student of bachelors of human resource management. This boss lady regards herself with high esteem. When she decides to pump some of her preciousness, she has intended it. Those exceptional days when she does have students in the business department stare in awe and when she walks by them, they will want to complete the posterior view. It’s rude to stare but with some people it is almost inevitable. This girl was gifted and endowed by the donations of nature. She is a fun lover. She celebrates every big and small thing in her life. She loves to dance and share moments with her friends.

4. Kalungi Nicole

Just like her name suggests” kalungi”. This pretty little young girl is causing traffic in the UCU law class. This little princess is one loved by everybody that knows her and admired by everybody that does not. She is extremely free spirited, a trait that makes her loved by thousands. Very outgoing and fun, she is anyone’s perfect plus one to a fun event. She loves eating out, any day. Guess it’s true what they say about small girls. If you want to enter her good books, take her to a good place for a meal and fun convos. She will never forget you. Nicole has blazing love for make-up, she wishes to own her own “beat house” a few years from now. Small as she is, she has passion and an insane drive for success. This hot gem would like to become the most sought after lawyer in the near future. Swimming has always been most girls’ hobby, it surely hasn’t skipped Nicole on top of traveling and watching movies. 

3. Patricia Mutabaazi

The gorgeous face that’s traumatizing Mukono dudes. Patricia is one hot beauty with a natural glow on her face. Her eyes speak louder than her mouth. Very sensual in the way they roll while she looks at people. Many always misunderstand her normal look for a seductive look simply because of her eyes. Don’t get me started on her body. That a story for another day but we cannot go on without saying a thing or two. her wasp waist and very proportional round behind gets guys screaming in their heads. Yellow bones with sexy bodies are the ultimate hotties. Her body makes some girls question their sexuality.  Mutabaazi loves the high fashion life. She loves classy and trendy clothes and shoes. She will always look out for the best. Much as she always has attention on her, it gets louder when she decides to switch her high fashion switch on. She loves to party. Very outgoing and funny. She is admired by so many.

2. Kwaga Lisa Cynthia

Pursuing a bachelors degree in law, this beauty has all it takes to get any guy singing ed sheeran’s “perfect”. When life gives you 1000 reasons to frown, Lisa is your one reason to smile. She is going to make one hot Lawyer. Starting with her beautiful round eyes, on to her statuesque body all through to her personality and character. Her simple yet shapely body is enough to tell you she hails from the land of hot and sexy. She is a very sweet girl whom everyone finds easy to associate with. She loves making friends and she is one that looks out for every friend she has got. Very witty and smart (duh!!) it greatly makes more noticeable; her character. Her smile will get you singing “particular” all day. Lisa is a church girl. Probably why she is a very laid down human. In spite of being a church girl, she knows how to get the groove on. Her fun side is very much noteworthy. Not so much into the spotlight, she keeps a very low profile about almost everything. She loves to sing, watch movies and swim. 

1.Todza Mary Anne

A very garden- fresh and immaculate lassie she is. Doing a bachelor of nursing, this babe is the complete package. She is so full of innocence, UCU being the perfect place for her to be. Her voice is so soft with a natural romance when she speaks. When she pronounces her name, you will want to put her on replay. She will not put much hassle into saying her words no wonder guys always want to be around her. Her smile is very radiating. It reminds you of the Cinderella story. She has got small lovely eyes that will shine bright with any expression on her face. Full nectar filled African lips, she will get you falling in love. This promising damsel in the slay queen business has got a lot of love for fashion and sleek looks. She always makes sure her make-up is taking the A-game. Her sense of style is so much Rihana inspired. Todza loves hanging around her friends. Any place with an amazing ambiance with full tranquility is her kind of thing.

With beauties like these walking the planet, God help us all.

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