Kyambogo University will officially open for semester one of the academic year 2019/2020 on 3rd August, 2019. All freshers who will have earned their place at the Banda based institution are expected to report on this particular date.

However, it is a common practice around that time for freshers to get stuck due to unavailability of hostel space or regret by some who may have booked hostels that are not in line with their accommodation needs. Chill the hustle! The Campus Bee team has compiled descriptions and selected prices of 16 hostels around Kyambogo that you may need to review before you make that decision to cash in for a place that suits your accommodation needs.

Madonna Hostel

So far one of the biggest and most prestigious areas of accommodation for Kyambogo University students, Madonna hostel is located along Kamuli road behind Bavana hostel. It is regarded as the home of the dope and stylish students who would like to stand out from the rest. The hostel offers tight security to the learners, DSTV, a WiFi hotspot powered by RokeTelecom, a Unisex saloon and two cool restaurants. Due to the far distance between the hostel and Campus, it possesses a unique shuttle that transports students for their lectures at scheduled periods. Double hostel rooms at Madonna go for UGX 700,000, UGX 750,000 and UGX 800,000 depending on the size of the rooms. Single rooms are priced at UGX 900,000, UGX 1,200,000 and UGX 1,400,000, the differences in pricing created by the sizes of the rooms. All rooms at this hostel are self contained.

Madonna Hostel.

Kabojja Hostel 

Kabojja hostel is one of those you should consider if you’re a fresher student ready to exchange money for true quality. This hostel is located along Banda road and has a wide variety of rooms to suit the needs of learners. Single rooms go for UGX 1,400,000, Doubles for UGX 700,000 and Triple rooms are priced at UGX 550,000. Their rooms are big enough and are all self contained. Kabojja Hostel also provides a WiFi hotspot powered by Liquid Telecom, tight security, DSTV, a reading room, a stand by generator and has a shuttle to transport students to and from Campus.

Servite Hostel

Servite Hostel is located along Banda road and is just opposite Eniad Hostel. Save for Madonna hostel in Kamuli, Servite hostel is the neatest hostel you could ever come across in Banda pertaining to its location along the tarmac road, therefore reducing the effects of flooding and dust pollution. Servite hostel management boasts of good security, DSTV and a flat screen television for residents, a WiFi hotspot powered by Roketelecom, a stand-by generator, restaurant, clinic, stationery shop and laundry. The hostel also owns gardens where residents can take a chill in the night. Double non-self contained rooms at Servite hostel go for UGX 490,000 while Double Self contained rooms go for about UGX 580,000. Single rooms go for about UGX 980,000 for Non-self contained and UGX 1160,000 for Self contained rooms.

 Choice Hostels

The Choice hostels Management runs two hostel buildings, Choice hostel upper and Choice hostel lower. Both of these are located within the trading centre of Banda with the latter tending towards Jinja road. Choice is prominent for the large number of hostel rooms it offers and most students in Kyambogo University are said to reside in this hostel. Choice hostel lower offers only self contained rooms. Double rooms are at UGX 650,000 while Single rooms are priced at UGX 1,100,000. Upper Choice hostel has its double rooms priced at UGX 600,000. Choice hostels have no shuttle due to their close proximity to Campus but you can rest assured of good security if you want to sign up for them.

Good Shepherd Hostel

Good Shepherd is a popular hostel around Banda. Its building stands tall and above all other hostels. It is located along the tarmac road that tends towards Naalya round about and is just next to Eniad and Servite Hostels. Good Shepherd offers Double rooms at UGX 650,000 and Single Rooms at UGX 1,300,000. The rooms are self contained. Good shepherd has a restaurant, shuttle and DSTV for resident students.

Descity Courts Hostel

Descity Courts is highly preferred due to its very close proximity to the University gate. To be precise, it’s just a 2 minutes’ walk from Descity Courts to Kyambogo University gate and therefore one of the most convenient for those whose tendency is to early bird for lectures. It is located along the tarmac road that connects Jinja road to Kyambogo University Banda gate. Descity Courts neighbours Liam hostel and Hanis Restaurant and Grill. You will enjoy various WiFi networks and an excellent view of Banda if you decide to stay at Descity Courts. To start with, Descity Courts has no single hostel rooms. Double hostel rooms go for UGX 700,000 whereas triple rooms go for UGX 500,000.

Kasalita Hostel, Nabisunsa

If you’re the kind that doesn’t want to reside in Banda, then you can as well try Kasalita Hostel, Nabisunsa. This hostel is one of the most popular around Kyambogo University and is surely of good class. The hostel has access to WiFi networks and the security is as well good. Kasalita has no hostel shuttle but most of its residents at times pass through Nabisunsa Secondary School to access it. Hostel prices for double rooms are UGX 600,000 whereas single rooms are approximately UGX 1,100,000. Its rooms are self contained.

Bavana Hostel

If you’ve heard of any Bavana bash or Silent Discos happening at Kyambogo University, this is where it all goes down. Bavana hostel has maintained its name as a home of those who simply like to party. It is located in Kamuli in front of Madonna hostel. Bavana has a hostel shuttle and students can also access WiFi. However, security has proven an issue at Bavana hostel for long and it is located in a dangerous spot. Hostel for double rooms are between UGX 650,000 to UGX 750,000 and single rooms are between UGX 1,200,000 to UGX 1,400,000.

Bavana Hostel while it was still under construction.

Erima Hostel

This is one of the most prominent girls-only hostels in Banda. If you are the kind that does not want to collide with boys in the corridors, Erima is your perfect choice. What gives this hostel another advantage is its close proximity to the University. Save for Descity that requires a 2 minute walk to make it to Campus, Erima is just a few steps away; it is nearly opposite the Kyambogo University Banda gate. Erima boosts of good security and WiFi but you will understand if I make mention that the hostel has no shuttle. Need a room? Doubles are priced at UGX 800,000 whereas single rooms are at UGX 1,300,000 only. All rooms are self contained.

Batana Hostel  

Batana is as well one of the neatest hostels in Banda with cool hostel rooms. It is even easier to locate, just off Jinja road close to Gapco petrol station. Batana accommodates both male and female students and its rooms are priced as follows; UGX 800,000 for double rooms while UGX 1,200,000, UGX 1,500,000 and UGX 1,600,000 is for single rooms depending on the size of the rooms.

Liam Hostel

You won’t regret choosing Liam if you’re the type that wants to reside far from Campus and yet want to explore all possible routes to your lecture room whenever you’re late. Liam is situated along Banda road just opposite Kyambogo College pitch. Kyambogo University students residing in this hostel have always used the Kyambogo College route or branched off to the small gate of the University whenever they want to access University in haste since the hostel has no shuttle. Their Double rooms are at UGX 650,000 each student and Single rooms are at approximately UGX 850,000 for non-self contained and UGX1,000,000 for self contained.

Eniad Hostel

Eniad hostel is a girls-only hostel located along the tarmac road that tends towards Naalya. It is just opposite Servite hostel and offers a wide range of hostel rooms for its prospective residents. Much as it is a girls-only hostel, Eniad is very lax but has good security during the night. The hostel has no shuttle and its WiFi was recently disconnected by RokeTelecom. Double rooms at this hostel go for UGX 600,000 whereas single rooms are at UGX 650,000. Triple rooms are at about UGX 550,000.

Sports Pro Hostel

Sports Pro Hostel is within the trading centre of Banda which makes it easier for its residents to access food and other items for their study needs. Their double rooms go for UGX 600,000 per person whereas Singles are priced between UGX 750,000 and UGX 800,000.

Naru Hostel

Naru hostel is one of the newest in Banda and yet one of the best in terms of room quality. I won’t promise you that the exterior of the hostel is as posh as you may think but this is due to its incomplete state. Naru opened only a year ago but is catching attention of students who have a taste of class. Double rooms at Naru are at UGX 800,000 whereas Single rooms go for UGX 1,200,000.

Trinity Girls’ Hostel

This is a girls’ only hostel situated opposite Kabaka’s farm. It is regarded by many as the strictest hostel at Kyambogo, suitable for those girls whose parents want them monitored 24/7. This hostel provides meals to the female residents and it is requirement for them to pay hostel fee inclusive of meals. There are no single rooms at Trinity hostel and the double rooms fall between UGX 800,000 and UGX 950,000.

Jussy Hostel

Jussy is also a popular hostel in Banda opposite Kyambogo College pitch. All its rooms are not-self contained and are there are no single rooms. The rooms at Jussy hostel lie between UGX 500,000 and UGX 600,000.

If you are an intending fresher at Kyambogo, this is your hostel guide before you waste all your up keep on brokers.

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