How Do I Tell My Roommate That I Need Privacy To Chaw My Visitor?- Mak Fresher

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My name is Lincoln from Makerere University. I am a fresher and I reside in a hostel in Kikoni. I didn’t get a chance to choose my own roommate, so the one I got had already booked the room. He is a good guy so I have no big problem with him, but although we are both freshers, he is very slow! I am therefore asking the readers of Campus Bee to help advise me on how I can politely tell this dude to ‘leave us to have sex’, without me offending the girl.

It has happened two times now. I have got hot girls from orientation sessions, who I swear were feeling my shit, but on reaching room, my boyo could not give us space. He just keeps tapping our jazz and chipping in whenever he can – laughing away at all my classic lines.

At first I thought he was going to understand my subtle gestures but in vain. I got very pissed yesterday when the babe gave me come-hither looks, yet the ki slow guy couldn’t give us space. Honestly, how should I tell the nigga to chill me for a while to chaw my prey, without the girl noticing the conspiracy.

Thank you and I look forward to getting advice.

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