Internship Opportunities At Airtel Uganda, Here's How to Apply


Airtel is a dynamic company that offers excellent career opportunities for talented and motivated individuals. Currently, the departments and careers for 2017 Airtel Internship Program include but are not limited to;

  • Customer Service
  • Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Networks
  • IT
  • Legal&Regulatory
  • Finance
  • Mobile Money
  • Enterprise
  • Sales&Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management


  1. Visit the Airtel Uganda Website
  2. Click on Careers Tab
  3. Go to the Internship Tab section
  4. Fill in Your Information
  5. Answer the 20 Questions in 9 minutes
  6. Submit your answers

Terms & Conditions

  • Internship places are available for the period of 1st June – 31st August 2017 in several departments depending on the course being pursued.
  • Only students who are recommended to undertake internship by their university should apply i.e. students should possess a letter of recommendation from their university.
  • Participants must have a LinkedIn account and follow Airtel Uganda on LinkedIn to qualify.
  • All applications for internship should be submitted online through the Airtel Uganda official website page.
  • All those who had delivered their applications to Airtel Uganda are advised to re-apply online.
  • Participants will be expected to answer the 20 Questions in 9 minutes and after 9 minutes the system will time out and submit the answered questions by then.
  • Applications should be submitted not later than 1st May 2017 at midnight. The Internship Application tap will thereafter be disabled from the Airtel website page.
  • Successful applicants’ may be subjected to a secondary interview afterwards the names will be published on the website and social platforms on 15th May 2017.
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