Dealing with an annoying neighbour at hostel


We all have to deal with an annoying neighbour at hostel sometimes. There is that guy that thinks he has the coolest music so he increases the volume of his hoofer to the maximum all the while playing Bebe Cool’s “Kamwako”. Then there is the babe that knows how to reach climax whether faking it or not. She has a very loud emotional outburst forgetting that her room is not sound proof.
You want to know how to deal with such a neighbour, here is how;

1. At the top of the list is the most civilised way, talking . You will be amazed by how much talking to the other person actually does wonders.  Inform him/her of your concern. But please do this humbly as to not confronting. 

2. Cause a short circuit at the hostel. Plug a paco/boiler in the socket that cannot handle it. Do it for the peace and quiet, remaining in a quiet environment for a moment. I would do this every time I hear loud Taylor Swift music playing.

3. The second option is to play loud music too. Make it a competition. If he or she plays Hips don’t lie, play Linkin Park’s Heavy. Worse still, take a walk away from your room and leave the same song playing over and over again. By the time you return, he or she will have found you a nuisance and gotten the memo.

4. Then there’s that pothead for a neighbour that will get the whole hostel drowned in the smell of “pot” or tobacco. Try to switch to another room with less concentration. If this is not possible, simply complain to the management. Be the loudest snitch their is, no sense in getting lung diseases when you were never a smoker.

5. Lastly, every University guild has a tribunal that adjudicates civil disputes between students. File a complaint in the tribunal and get a remedy, you might actually win yourself damages from the suit. 

No one wants to make an enemy of a neighbour, just stop being that nuisance. We all want to live my the Biblical expression, “love thy neighbour”.


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