MCM: Meet MUBS multi talented Kansiime Brian!

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Kansiime Brian also known as Brian Lister is the one official gem of talents the bee couldn’t resist today. The second year international business student at MUBS has over the years had all eyes on him for various reasons. From the kind of life he lives, to his personality, to his talent not forgetting his fashion.


Brian’s need to maintain his high class lifestyle has had his hustles paying off. Recently he is making money from his great art pieces. The self taught paper and pen art genius pulls off some of the most jaw dropping pieces. This has garnered him more than a handful of people that want to associate with him as friend.

Being who he is, his friendly and extremely bubbly nature makes it easy to make friends. He is very free spirited and loves having fun. Some good music and great company will kick his inner man up and dancing. He is the life of any party. Turn up is his other name.

Being that he keeps company of high profile models, very expensively dressed friends, Brian surely keeps up. Fashion has never been his problem. It knows him by name. Dressing to kill is his business even when he doesn’t put any effort into it. It always pays off. Dancer, artist, swimmer, fashion killer! really why not him? Such people are the reason the bee keeps flying. We crush on you!

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