By Alan Kanyesigye

Life at Makerere University is easier when you have these two important aspects in place; shelter and food for a living. Failing a paper is actually not a big issue because you will always be given a chance to retake a given course unit when next offered, but hunger has no substitute and it spares none at all .

So as the days are nearing for the fresh group of students to undertake further studies at campus, I find it more important to get to know where their economic status and perhaps their location can get them a survival scheme well maintained. For the lecture rooms, I think you will have to wait for the freshers’ orientation program, the issue at hand is food.

Mama Ken’s Restaurant

The old timer’s favourite , it was first located next to Livingstone Hall but later relocated to Kikumi Kikumi opposite the small gate from the Veterinary College. There are all local foods served at prices ranging from Shs 3000 to Shs 4000. The place is known for not only its excellent customer care but also the motherly bit in service and for the long period of time it has provided nourishment to the campusers. Students from Livingstone, Africa Halls, Hostels in Kikumi Kikumi and the College of Veterinary Medicine happen to be at advantage to receive the services provided at Maama Ken because they are favoured by distance .

The Guild Canteen

Located along Pool Road inside the University, The Guild Canteen is near the basketball court and the swimming pool. It has the best setting within the interior of  campus . All local foods and snacks can be accessed at the place. The prices are rather a bit high for an average student due to the high quality of the services rendered. A plate of food can be acquired at price ranging from Shs 6000 to Shs 10000.

Rema Restaurant

The restaurant provides meals to the students residing in Nkrumah and Nsibirwa halls perhaps also students at College of Business. The meals there are sold at coupon setting and the prices for a scoop of each may be Shs 500 or Shs 1000 depending on the number of scoops one wants to purchase. All types of local foods, snacks including drinks, fruits and vegetables can be accessed during lunch and supper time. It is located inside the two halls of residence but provides meals for all students that come.

Venus Catering Services

When you want to eat a large mass of food at a price as low as Shs 1500, then Venus is the solution to your quest. The service providers are situated in the dinning hall of University Hall and provides meals to the hall residents plus all the others that can access it including those from Mitchell Hall due to the proximity of the two . The two main meals are also provided at a coupon basis as well.

Finland Restaurant

This restaurant provides all local type of foods as well as snacks to the girl students residing in Complex and Mary Stuart Halls and the dudes from Lumumba Hall. The customer care is that good as the meals are always served at quick notice. They are located inside Mary Stuart Hall but students from the College of Education and neighboring schools can eat from there too.


The food language understood best by the Africa Hall ladies and the men from Livingstone. Local type of foods and drinks are served twice each day . The customer care involves having a moment of watching different television channels as one takes the better part of clearing the contents of one’s plate . Prices here can range from Shs 3000 to Shs 6000 depending on the type of sauce one would like to have.

Real Taste Ent Food Centre aka Fredo’s Resaurant

This is located along Junju Road in Wandegeya and be accessed through the small gate next to University Hall ( Boys residence). All meals including breakfast are served at Fredo’s. I would like to site out the fact that at the place, local foods are served in rather a unique way such as having chips with katogo or pilau with chips at a cost as low as Shs 3000. The customer care at the place is good and the food is always in plenty. The food prices range from Shs 3000 to Shs 7000 a plate depending on the sauce you would like to be served with.

Campus View Restaurant

Looking for generous service providers who know the struggles of a typical campuser, then look no further than Kikumi Kikumi Street along Muganzi Awongererwa Road. At a fee as low as  Shs 2000, one can have a descent meal and then proceed to do other things. The mere fact that the street along which it is located is between the Campus halls ( Livingstone & Africa) and Medical School at Mulago, it makes it an ideal place for the medical students to have meals there before going across for their lectures. All local foods can be accessed at a motherly price.

Divine Restaurant

Located near Frama Hostel in Kikoni (a popular residential site at campus). The food served is rather good, and its always delicious because I have been there several times . The organisation at the place is eye catching and the food prices start from as low as Shs 2500 and snacks are ever there in plenty.

Urban Food Spot

It is also situated along one of the streets in Kikoni. As the name suggests , it does not accommodate all but rather the financially advantaged as the cheapest meal can be gotten at Shs 7000 . The fact will still stand that the quality of the services are worth the prices attached to the meals. All local foods and a few exotic dishes can be obtained at the spot .

Mama Box Catering Services

Last but not least, let me take you the honour to present to you the power house at Mulago, Makerere Medical School. There is a lot to service that the women at Mama Box do that keep the doctors in good shape because the meals served at the place , I must confess are tasty and always good. Outside delivering meals to medical students and the staff, there are more services such as organising birthday parties as well as weddings.

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