My name is Gloria and I am a finalist from Kyambogo University. I have been in a relationship with this guy called Ken for over 3 years now and he has never cheated on me (or so he says) and I have never even thought of cheating on him. He is a nice guy and I love him to the extent that I wouldn’t refuse to marry him if he popped the question.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago as I was going through my sister’s phones, I found his pictures (nude pictures) in her phone and sensual, sexual, vivid texts between the two of them. I love my sister since she is all I got, but I also love my man. I am just waiting for him to come clean but each night I feel like beating the living day lights out of him and each time my sister smiles at me, I feel like slapping her so hard she loses her ability to ever smile again.

There is a lot of anger boiling in my system, what should I do?

Hey Gloria, such things do happen and that doesn’t necessarily mean that your man loves you any less. Men do cheat- Yes, they do.

Many people here will judge you on the basis of having had the guts to check a phone that wasn’t yours but I beg to differ, she is your sister and what is yours is hers too.

I am sorry you met your heartbreak in a rather harsh way. I can almost feel everything in your body boiling, love fading, system failing. But, why are you so blind yet you can see- scratch that you already saw.

Why are you waiting for him to come clean, giving him the satisfaction that he is banging sisters, why? I suggest you secure your relationship with your sister as you dump his sorry ass.

Then talk about it with your sister and let her know which line not to cross. Men always have a way of drilling thoughts into any woman, but keep your sister for blood is thicker than water.

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