MAK guild president sets up committees to ensure timely graduation, probe guild expenditure



Just weeks after re-opening the mighty Ivory Tower, the 82nd Guild has woken up to iron out the irregularities surrounding its cabinet.
In addition to putting its wrongs right, it has also set a sharp eye onto the 67th graduation slated for next month.

Roy Ssemboga, the 82nd guild president has today morning in a Facebook post introduced students to two committees. The first one coded Graduation list fast-tracking committee will be headed by The Guild academic affairs minister Hon Tom Tayebwa. It will look into graduation bureaucracies like missing marks, students names missing in the lists and ensure less bureaucracy in the graduation system.

The Accountability committee will be chaired by Rt. Hon Stanley Akecho the newly appointed Prime Minister and it will torch deeply into guild expenditures right from the time the 82nd guild assumed power. It will also access all guild files for all cabinet members including those that resigned.

Any Makerere student, according to Ssemboga, is free to contribute any information in regards to the issues to be handled by these committees.
The committees have up to Thursday, Feb 13 to submit in their reports.

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