Martha Kay Blasts Prophet Mbonye Over Expensive Honoring Dinner

Martha Kagimba

Former UCU student turned comedian Martha Kay is at it again—-this time she is not pulling funny stunts. Martha has today blasted one of the most stylish pastors in Uganda identified as Prophet Elvis Mbonye following an expensive dinner slated for 1st September.

Through her Facebook account, Martha reacts to a message that has been making rounds on social media which calls upon people to pay 1 Million, 750k, 500k, 300k just to have a dinner with Mbonye. “Why can’t Mbonye pay for his subjects since he can afford driving the latest Range Rover. Surely honoring the prophet???? Aren’t we supposed to be honoring God? Not the prophet. Why glorify the guy?? If he is so rich that he can afford range rover new mode,” Martha fumed.

Despite her fear of being attacked by Mbonye’s followers, the bitter Martha went ahead to compare Prophet Mbonye with President Museveni as she asks who is he to make people pay for just having a dinner with him- something that Museveni has never done. She thinks the government should find a way of regulating churches as way of reducing such activities.

In case the name Martha Kay does not ring a bell, well, she is a former UCU student who rose to fame after a funny video of her circulated in which she was being knocked by a car just like Prophet Mbonye’s (Range Rover) and it was her dream car by then.

Read her full rant below;

Is this really true??? Mbonyenians are going to come and abuse me but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Reallllyyyyyyy This is too much. For once I will ask government etuyambe. There should be some regulations on churches…. people are losing it!!!!

Surely honouring the prophet???? Aren’t we supposed to be honouring God? Not the prophet. Why glorify the guy?? If he is so rich that he can afford range rover new model. Why doesn’t he pay for people. Imagine paying 1m to have dinner with the man of God who even has body guards…just for a meal of 20k. It’s so sad how people are coming to God for help and u have to run around looking for 1m FOR A DINNER ???? even Museveni doesn’t make people pay entrance when he invites them for dinner. It’s unheard of.

Don’t get me started on how he turned into an angel last week. I simply CANNOTTTT!

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