Wednesday evening, MUBS students were treated to a free live boxing tournament in the school’s main library. This was after two of their own fed each other with upper cuts flexing over a chair.

We can’t say the Library has limited furniture but students desert it for the first three months of the Semester only to flock it just a week to the end of semester papers. From the Long cues lining up at the entrance to the shoulder to shoulder sitting arrangement, any time bomb is inevitable here.

The fight erupted after one of the pair (in white) left his books on the table and went out to have lunch. The latter (in black) immediately assumed the seat pushing the former occupant’s books away. After close to half an hour, the ‘owner’ returns fromĀ  the break and finds the chair empty as the one in black had left to pick a book from the shelves. The guy in White takes over his chair and pushes away the books only for the black sheep to return and find a successor.
With too much academic stress boiling in both their heads, not even calm negotiations could let them skip the adult fight. 2-3 words and they were already crushing chairs at each other like it was WWE hosted in the MUBS library. The two were later calmed down by their close friends and the library management pushed them out immediately to restore peace .

Besides this, the eye we’re excited for having been treated to a 10 minute refreshment away from the stressful reading. One was over heard saying “after watching this hilarious comedy, theories can now sink peacefully in my brains”

Additional reporting by Jonah Kirabo

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