South Africa has some of the best universities in the world, and what’s more is that life in South Africa presents opportunities that can be found nowhere else on the continent. 

From an incredible lifestyle, to plenty of study options and bursaries, South African universities present plenty of excitement for students across the world.

South Africa has long been a land of opportunity, with major gold and diamond rushes seeing the nation become a popular destination for people to look to make their fortunes. 

Part of the reason for South Africa’s immense diversity is the fact that it has attracted so many different people from around the world to start a life there.  

Now that you’re aware of the appeal, here are some of the reasons you should consider applying to a South African university, whether it be for a semester, or for a full programme. 


Having lived in South Africa for a part of my life and having had the privilege to study in one of South Africa’s capital cities, Cape Town, one immense reason to apply to a University in South Africa is the lifestyle that can be enjoyed in the country. 

In Cape Town for example, the opportunities to spend your free time doing incredible things is endless. Golden beaches, amazing mountains, and a city littered with fantastic places to go, such as restaurants, old-school cinemas, and new-age bars are readily available every day of the week. 

Student life comes with a lot more than just studying, and having the ability to access an amazing lifestyle means that you will have plenty of opportunity to make your years at university some of the best and most unforgettable in your life. 

Some of the best universities in Africa 

A further reason to try your hand at applying to a South African University is due to the fact that the nation hosts some of the best universities on the continent, which are recognised across the world. 

Universities like the University of Cape Town and the University of The Witwatersrand top the list of best African universities claiming the number one and number two spots, while four other South African universities appear in Africa’s top ten University list. 

You truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to where you could potentially study too, because of the six universities in Africa’s top 8, 5 are distributed across some of South Africa’s top cities, as well as some smaller towns. 

From CapeTown and Johannesburg, to Stellenbosch and Grahamstwon, you really have every kind of town or city to choose from. 


Another big reason to apply to a South African university is the fact that bursaries are handed out really generously. Everything from outstanding academic achievement, to sporting prowess are awarded in South Africa, making bursaries readily available to many. 

This is a great way to bridge the gap in joining a South African university, because while fees can cost a fortune, bursaries can seriously help cover the costs. 

Plenty of big companies offer bursaries to outstanding students, from South African betting giants Hollywoodbets, to one of South Africa’s biggest banks, Nedbank. 

Ability to Network  

Due to South Africa’s top reputation as an impeccable location for higher education, the nation attracts some of the greatest minds from across the country, the continent and the world. 

This abundance of diversity gives all students an incredible opportunity to network, and to go beyond and tap into alumni networks. 

Aside from this you’ll find unique and stimulating societies, that involve everything from sports and physical activities to debating and business. Not only is the networking factor important in making lifelong relationships, it can also help in making the jump to finding employment. 

Great Work Opportunities 

The final reason to apply to South African university is for the fact that South Africa has an abundance of incredible work opportunities that are waiting to be filled by eager graduates. 

Building on the last point, South African universities present a great opportunity to network, which can greatly aid the sometimes difficult and tumultuous search for employment. 

Universities in South Africa actively hold career events that help students make the leap from their studies to employment. The events are characterised by having representatives from top companies attend the university for a day and converse with students about the possibilities that are available to them. 

As you can see, these are just five of the reasons to apply to a university in South Africa. The country provides unique to students living in a way that can be experienced nowhere else in the world. 

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