WCW! Booticlious Charity Lutoto from UCU Mukono


They say when you feature on Campus Bee, you’ve made it in life- and indeed Uganda Christian University’s Charity Martha Lutoto has finally made it in life—taking our WCW spot of the week!

With a Facebook bio that says; “Been Disturbing The Universe Since 1996,” Lutoto has a bright future behind her that mesmerizes not only the horny dudes but also the Holy monks and aging male lecturers.

She has the softest booty that anyone has seen especially on the ‘saint’ UCU streets, and when she shakes her a** the ground follows suit yo. And, did I mention she is a law student soon graduating and look at me who thought, they are ever so serious.

 This babe is always flaunting what her mama gave her, her hot busty jagz that are always pumped to the max and her tight fitting dresses that bring out her shaped figure has left many dudes including the askaris at the gate mesmerized.

Well, Lutoto is a pretty face but don’t let the looks fool you for one of those gold digging females. Nope, this fly girl is the kind who works for her money and is best at slaying fashion with her trendy mentality, looks, and charms.

Her strongest weapon is, of course, her booty and she’s not shy to flaunt it– bumping short and tight dresses for lectures and leaving the male students agape and the female students rolling their eyes.

Is chilling on the ZeroChills Avenue- 6th Street Kikoni.