WCW! Britah Nuwamanya, the riveting princess with dreamy eyes


The bee crushes weekly, but it has outdone itself this week. Whoever came up with the popular mantra “the most beautiful of all are not yet born” surely didn’t set his eyes on this true beauty with a ray that springs from the sacred depths of her soul. 

Nuwamanya Britah, a well-put together Halle Berry from the land of milk and honey. She is in her final year of the Business Administration class at MUBS, performing tremendously in class and using her luscious eyes that send stalkers into frenzy waves. 

She is a calm lake with an astonishingly amazing sense of style who will disarm you of your anger, hunger at one go with her classy outfits which respond affirmatively to her voluptuous body. Britah likes being around funny people despite her polite and silent nature. 

She is motivated by family and her close circle of friends who according to her are all that matters. “My family inspires me and being the first born,you can understand what it means on my side.” – She responded to our writer. 

A young working lady is so irresistible! This Nyankole gem is currently a student Brand Ambassador with Vodafone Uganda (Such a big brand yeah?) and also doubles as an events usher. Need to keep up with Bree? Follow her on facebook Thatgal Britah or Instagram @nuwamanyabritah and oh, mobile money too. 
Nja karibu mpenzi, Britah!

(Senior writer @campusbee.ug, Brand Ambassador @Uber Uganda, Volunteer @DrawASmileUG.)

A journalist by passion. Reach me on +256788837279, jonathankirabo9@gmail.com