1. Tell us about yourself

I am Arnold Asasira with a bachelor’s degree in Business computing from MUBS Nakawa and I have been a leader at both institutional and national level. I do believe that in years to come, I will be in higher positions. I am also an ambitious person that has passion for art, passion for fashion and I Iove reading educative literature.

  1. You seem bent towards the political side following your leadership positions at campus. Tell us about your political/leadership history.

Well, I always looked up to my grandfather who was a leader back in the days of Obote’s regime. My political journey begun in Sir Apollo Kaggwa Boarding Primary School where I was elected class monitor for p.6 and p.7 and when I moved to Ntare School for my O and A level, I was a leader so much into clubs and associations. In A level, I got to the peak. I was elected as the Entertainment Minister and later became the president of youth Alive club I was the chairperson canteen committee etc. I was in very many clubs. This was the time I got to the peak and discovered I had a calling to serve people. When I got to MUBS,  I discovered I really had to be in the students’ guild. I was elected as GRC for my course in my first year, I was elected for the same in my second year. Around that time I was supposed to run for guild presidency but something came up and I was unable to run for that but then I had to join the guild. I was nominated as the Prime Minister in 3rd year where I served diligently. That’s where I got to know more people, expanded my circle of friends who had the same calling for leadership as me. I was able to join Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) which is the supreme governing body for all student leaders in Uganda. I was elected as the General Secretary and am still serving though almost handing over. I look forward to joining the National Youth council in 2023 and in about 10 years I see myself as a member of parliament that is something I don’t dispute.

  1. You are the general secretary of UNSA. What’s UNSA and what’s its role? What does it take to be part of UNSA?

UNSA is the umbrella organization for all students in post primary institutions in Uganda. Its operations are supported by the parliamentary Education Act 2008 part VI Section 30 that mandates the establishment of UNSA students councils in post primary institutions. The president H.E Yoweri K. Museveni is the patron of this association. It guides and supports all students in Uganda in the promotion of their academic pursuits and achievement of successful career. It fosters mobilization of students towards matters pertaining their welfare and national development among others. One must be a student leader to join the executive of UNSA but all students of Uganda are members of UNSA in one way or the other.

  1. In your walk as a politician, student and friend to many, you are known as a man of fashion. What inspires your fashion?

My love for fashion dates from way back from when I was young because my parents used to invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that I was smart. So I grew up knowing that it is an essential for each and every person to be smart. I kept on with the trend of being smart. Being a leader I also discovered that you must be exceptional and different in a way. So being an individual that dresses to inspire with the most current trends, it has earned me a big following, people believe in me and many have got to love me simply because I look fashionable and I do not take that for granted. Many call me a fashion icon.

  1. Why Suits?

Well, I do think and believe that as an individual or as a person you must be in position to know what you look best in, what suits you and what you love to wear. Some people will wear casual clothes and actually look very good and there are those that will put on suits and actually look bad. So it really depends on very many things. A few of them would be; your physique, personality and what people are used to seeing you in. I have been known as a suits person because I discovered that I look better in suits than in any other kind of outfit. So basically that is what is in my collection. It takes more than just physique to look good in suits, I also work out to fit perfectly in them. A suit that is perfectly fitted onto your body looks perfect.

  1. We have lately noticed your love for photography. Are you a photographer? Model? Tell me about it.

Well am not a photographer and neither am I a model but I do personal fashion blogging. Before posting a picture to any of my social media pages, it should be of a clear quality. Call it high resolution. To me it’s a principle. If you are fashion blogging and inspiring people to dress a certain kind of way, then you owe to consider certain things. The quality of the image you post says a lot about you. So that’s why I am so much into photography. Most of my friends are photographers and models so it helps flow with my fashion tune. I just do a bit of it, because it comes in handy. As a fashion blogger, the two work hand in hand.

  1. Recently we saw you post, “A fashionable girl will sweep me off my feet”. Does this mean it is only fashion you look at/consider before falling for any girl?

Well, I wouldn’t want to restrain myself into thinking and believing that fashion is the only thing you would look at or consider before choosing a girl. Of course there are very many things; personality etc. But being a person that loves fashion, I would want to see everything around me being very fashionable and classy. That’s why I would probably opt for a person that really loves fashion as well because in that we would be able to blend.

  1. Do you hope to make money out of your love for fashion or you already do?

I have made some money from fashion blogging. Someone will want to buy a suit or shirt that I am wearing. So yeah it really has put something in my pocket. 2018 is going to be a year of a difference. I am coming up with a better model for branding fashion, a better model for inspiring people to love fashion, it is  a unique model. It hasn’t been used around Uganda in as far as I know. I am teaming up with a friend that loves art. I really believe that art and fashion are things that can be sold together if properly packaged and combined. We have come up with a concept that is not anywhere in Uganda. Look at Versace and see how greatly they blend art and fashion.

  1. There are 4 core aspects of fashion; designers, models, photography, hairstylists. Who does each of these for you?

About designs, one thing is for sure. Whenever I am on the internet I do try to take time to Google and look at the new things in the fashion industry. Sometimes I look at say a certain design of a suit, I imagine it would look better if it had a certain impression and drama to it. I did art so am very imaginative and specific with what I want. When I go to a tailor I have my own specifics of how I want my suit to look like. Generally I come up with my own designs. About modeling, well I am not so much into that bit but my model friends like Fernando Ferrari, (an award winning model btw,) he keeps me posted about what’s happening in the modeling world. Being a fashion enthusiast I can’t totally ignore that world. Photography; I have a couple of photographers that do my shoots. A close friend in peak shots does most of them, the other is iLovestudios. When it comes to hairstyles, it really depends on my location. I am a person that travels a lot I always want to traverse the country so I don’t have a specific stylist really.

  1. You are a business student, or at least were one. How have you used this knowledge to start any business ventures if any?

While at MUBS, I was able to style and dress many of my friends that knew about my love for fashion. Still while at MUBS, I did organize a few events plus I also had a few projects with my friends that always generated upkeep for me so that I could maintain my standards. I am high maintenance. (laughs) But what is important right now is what is yet to come for the art and fashion industry. We are starting an initiative and project with my friend in the art industry.  It’s something that I think will change the outlook of fashion. We hope to run a few shows with my partner towards the art and fashion industries. Out of these shows we hope to support people that have love and passion for this industry and show people that we are not planning to do this for money. As a leader, I have always wanted to give back to my community/society. We shall have these shows run towards a certain cause. 2018 is totally going to be a different year.

  1. How do you hope to incorporate fashion and politics?

About that, fashion is something that is earning me money and it’s something that will create grounds for me. Politics on the other hand is more of sacrificing; leading the people and giving back to the people which I know can be managed. One thing I know is that; if you have love and passion for something you can’t fail to create time for it in as much as some people say they are busy. If you love what you are doing, you can’t fail to find time to do it. Likewise I have passion and love for both and I do believe I will get time to run them.  We have seen politicians that have businesses. I don’t think all MPs in Parliament look at Parliament as source of income. They have side business that do run only that they are not disclosed so I do believe that I can run fashion as my business, develop it and take it to a whole new different level. So I think that can be managed. I can incorporate both of them.

  1. Message to the youth out there?

I would love to encourage them to identify their passion, their talent and work so hard to improve and develop their talents. Talent is so important, it can take you anywhere across the world as long as you keep pushing on. The sky cannot be the limit. I also encourage them not to sit back and relax.  If you do not get the support that you would think you need, don’t give up.

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