Last month at the Evoke Night Premiere that was at Forest Mall, Makerere University’s DJ Mackus emerged the winner of the 1M cash prize from the DJ and Dance Competitions that headlined the show. The Lumumba Hall resident that is known to spin at the Cayenne Sunday pool chill and Almost famous Deejays events won the one million cash prize courtesy of Club Pilsener.

As the second episode of Evoke Night is gearing to take place at the MTN warehouse next Friday 31st May 2019 starting 7 pm with competitions in spoken word, rap and beatboxing, we caught up with DJ Mackus and had a chat about his journey to win the 1M.

QN: Why did you choose to compete in the Evoke Dance and DJ competitions?

Publicity is why I took part in the competitions. I wanted to use the platform that Evoke and Club had presented to push my brand. It is not easy being an upcoming performer in Uganda. You may have the talent and skills but without publicity, you die a still-birth.

QN: Take us through the preparations before you actually got to perform.

My preparation was based on the time code we’re given by the judges. First round made up of 7 minutes then the second one was made up of 3 minutes. In my first 7 minutes, I had to showcase my song selection and to make people dance followed by 3 minutes of a mash-up of instrumentals and acapella. I intended to showcase my skills of scratching and the deejaying technicality of fusing a beat from a different song with vocals of a different song.

QN: How did it feel like to grab that million shillings and what did you use it for?

I felt really happy though I didn’t expect it because I came out to have fun not compete. But it was a great feeling. It feels good to do what you love and people respond to it. I used the money to develop my career by spending it on what was lacking. But I also celebrated with my friends that came out to support me that night.

QN: We understand you are returning for the semi-finals. What do you have planned?

I thought it was an end game but I was excited to hear the journey was moving on. I plan to deliver even better than before. My competitors will be in for a ride. Tell them all to be ready because I don’t wait for the storm to come, I bring the storm.

QN: Any advice or tips you would give to nominees awaiting the Episode two competitions on how to win?

Don’t over think the contest, let it flow. Come out and have fun. Remember if you’re too careful you always end up making mistakes. So just be you.

Evoke Night is a youth-centred entertainment platform and talent showcase that happens every end of month. They are on their Season 3 and the #MidnightDrum episode, like earlier stated will be at the MTN Warehouse where as usual entrance charges are 20K general and 10K for Campusers with Identity Cards.

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