Jiame Josh, full name Mubiru Jiame Joshua is probably one of the youngest radio presenters in and outside of Kampala. At just 23 years of age, he owns Ejazz media, a broadcasting platform streaming online radio with listeners in many parts of the world. Jaime currently presents on 97.7FM Record Radio. Campus Bee caught up with him in an interview

Who is Jiame Josh?

Jiame is a young God-fearing Sagittarius who loves seeing everyone around him succeed. I am an enthusiastic media personality working with Record FM. I am also the CEO of EJazz Media, a digital marketer, a graphics designer, social media manager, videographer, webmaster and a radio producer. 

What segment do you present on Record Radio?

I do the Urban Vybez that airs every Saturday from 3:00 pm to 4:00pm. It’s an urban youth show focused on today’s ‘on fleek gangos’. I am also a panelist on “The Music Estate” an entertainment discussion show on Record Radio.

What inspired you to join radio?

Since my childhood, I had a lot of interest in the media. During my high school, I used to anchor weekly news to students and it was really fun. This inspired me to do journalism and mass communication though it was a hard time choosing between education and journalism.

Explain, why it was hard to choose between education and mass communication.

(Smiles) I so much want to share my knowledge by the way through becoming a teacher, that’s why I had wanted to be an educationist and I still hold that dream and will achieve it one time hopefully.

What clear memories of campus do you remember?

Oh, while at campus I tried looking around for jobs only to be tossed out of some offices because I had no experience. (Laughs loud). I had totally no connections at that time.

Which schools did you go to?

I went to Mengo SS for my high school then joined UMCAT school of Journalism and Mass Communication. I later went to upgrade from Cavendish University

What campus memories ring a bell in your ears?

I was a very friendly and many bebs used to crowd my room so I help them with course work. Every time people saw us around, they thought we were courting. I can actually enjoy company of the many cute babes because they thought I was smart even when we never dated.

Did you go out to club back then?

I used not to club because I can put the club at home with my woofers. ( laughs). Although I recall one time I entered a club to cover an entertainment news story but it was fun.

What’s your take on the sex for marks saga happening at campuses these days?

Well the sex for marks thing is a two way thing. At least it’s not rape for marks. It is bad but at times it’s the students that lure the Lecturers into sex and some of them are not strong as others so they easily fall in. You see these lecturers know the kind of girls they engage in such and it’s not the focused ones.

To whoever enjoys that habit karma is real! A lecturer will one time hang himself after learning that the student they sexed for marks is a very close relative (laughs)

What’s your advice to students out there who wish to join the media?

Well media today is about what you can do, not what you know. A multitasking person is more exposed to job opportunities because as a fact, many on air talents start off air especially in sales. Being humble is a good shot, most young people out there look at established media personalities and think “I am way better than that guy” but given that you are not in position to challenge them, control your horn and the best will be yours, pride fails people.

Be creative, don’t just copy. When I failed to get a job on any media house I started my own online radio EJazz Radio which is two years and shooting for the best now and it’s actually what helped me get a job into mainstream media.

Any last words to our readers and fans?

Always use protection, be safe (Smiles). Don’t stop trying and always pray to God in whatever you do.

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