She’s the goddess of Uganda and the beauty queen of the Pearl of Africa. Miss Uganda ,Nakiyaga Zahara Muhammed who was recently crowned most beautiful of the other contestants sat down with Enywaru Piusantos and opened up about why she’s not dating and her plans to take on Miss World in a six-minute chat.

How’s life now that you’re Miss Uganda?
Frankly it hasn’t sunk in as yet. Cameras flashing, microphones being charged, interviews here and there. But am thankful to my mum that has always told me to be myself.

Miss Uganda

Who’s Miss Uganda?
Am Nakiyaga Zahara Muhammed, 22years old. Am at at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Development studies and am in my final year. I love travelling,dancing, singing and a lot more.

As Miss Uganda, What should Uganda expect in your reign?
Uganda should expect a hardworking intelligent girl. I’ll be working with the Miss Uganda franchise to ensure that different projects are successful to the people and more development activities.

How are you going to use social media for the betterment of the youth?
Depending on the different projects am going to be doing, I’ll be using my different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to sensitise the public how good our activities are to them and the general public at large.

How will you juggle being Miss Uganda and having to attend to university?
Am through with university. Just finalizing a few things there and am set to graduate in January.

Should we expect any agricultural projects from Miss Uganda?
Well we did some bit of agriculture in the first two weeks of boot camp. Yes! You should expect some agriculture projects coming.

Do you do rolex?
( with a prolonged outburst of a warm calm laughter) yes I do eat a rolex and I enjoy it.

What should we expect from your Development studies degree?
With my development studies degree, I will be working with different organizations on different projects to see to it that our country develops.

In this period of Ramathan, and Islam certainly against such acts of indecent dressing as portrayed in miss Uganda. How have you had to handle that conflict of loyalty?
I don’t think Miss Uganda is indecent, with the Bikinis maybe that but I don’t really see any way how that interferes with the doctrines of the Islam religion.

Miss Uganda 2015 Zahara Nakiyaga

What do you think made you win Miss Uganda?
There are very many criteria they follow right from when you enter the boot camp. I was watched from day one, how I was from the camp, on stage and how I executed the questions and they summed it up. That made me miss Uganda today.

Are you Dating?
(Laughs and smiles. Thinks hard while laughing) No comment. That’s a matter of time when the right answer comes but surely not now. ( I insist in the question). Am not dating and I should be left to concetrate on this.
There are very many sextapes and nudes of celebrities on the loose that were taken in their humble days. Do you have any that could taint your image?
Hahahahah…no I don’t have any!

Are there any ‘big names’ that could have influenced your winning the pageant as most people are ranting?
I’ve just heard that from you. There’s that category of miss popularity, Nakiyaga Dimit took it meaning she was the people’s choice. I don’t think those allegations are true.

Miss UGanda 2015

What are you going to do for miss Uganda at Miss World?
We have different projects but with the much stress now, we haven’t yet embarked on them. I shall sit down with the franchise team tell them what I have in mind and see that we bring that crown home.

What’s your take on the cyber- bullying of your fellow contestant Aisha Nabukeera taking part in Miss Uganda?
Well my take on that is Yes! Aisha suffered a terrible accident in the past but that shouldn’t define who she is. She managed to come out strong and confident and the least people can do is support her instead of being against.
Yes I believe she deserved the rightful support.

If you were not to win miss Uganda, who do you think would be Miss Uganda today?
My bet was on two people. Engrid my 2nd runner up and Juliana my first runner up. I knew any of those was going to be Miss Uganda.

Do you know how to drive that car you were given?
Yes I actually do know how to drive. It’s just that my permit expired and am still processing it for renewal.

Any last remarks!
Thanks Campusbee and thanks to all my fans for the support!

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