You must have at least heard stories about UCU being somewhat of a high school because of its strict rules and dress code. The information might actually be true. However, it’s not because the university wants to have power and control over its students but because they set on raising upright intellectuals to the society. Here are some the things that you should expect as Uganda Christian University.

Late Nights. You are not allowed to enter or exit the university premises past midnight. You know what that means. The bars, the craziest, “hives” and “casa” should be maxed till 6 am when the gates of campus will be open. So don’t think curfew only ends home. This place has curfew. And there are those moments when the bar just won’t be the place for you till 6, you will find students as early as 4 am lying outside the gates waiting for them to be opened. Please don’t be scared by this scene, just join them. And please do not be consumed by the fun of the night, when you return with bar clothes, don’t forget to cover your knees before you enter.

The dress code. You do not wear skimpy dresses around the university premises. You might have that trendy Kanye West kind of fashion. UCU does not expect you to be showing thigh. So don’t wear those ripped jeans, tops, or even bras while on campus but maybe over the weekends you can.

community Worship. Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated days for worship. So being a protestant founded university, all activities on these days between 12:30 to 1 pm come to a standstill. So the library, administration block, faculties and other places you might expect to find services will be out of reception.

Religion. Even though all religion types are permitted at the university premises, the Vice Chancellor thought it best to make worship strictly to the Anglican students of the university, therefore, no other religion was allowed to pray inside the university.

Hostel life. As a freshers you might think you can sleep in any hostel you wish, well that’s not the case for UCU. Here every first year student is meant to be in the university care, and that means it’s a must to sleep in Sabiiti and Nsibambi halls. You should start conceiving ideas about hostel when you are out of 1st year.

Class attendance is a must. There is roll call carried out in literally every lecture. So you must attend and at UCU some lecturers are oba how. Lets not forget that UCU students do not strike or else you will be expelled.

Despite all these ‘hard’ rules, Uganda Christian university will still offer you the best of the learning experiences at the center of excellence in the heart of Africa.

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