Drunken Tales of bar fights


I hate it when there are scuffles, later on fights anywhere. But it is inevitable to see or get involved in an alcohol inspired fight. A few start them, others run away and those very high always join fights. This reminded me of a rainy evening at a rowdy hangout.

At around 7pm, I decided to enter this rowdy and cheap bar whose name I clearly can’t remember. I surely don’t want to remember events from this night but the memory of entering a bar just for the sake of getting shelter from a heavy downpour never evades my brain. I paid the entrance fee which was just a bottle of Guinness at a mere 3,000 shillings.
I sat in a corner close to a counter as my tongue enjoyed the exquisite taste of my stout beer. I wanted my body to generate some heat to warm my body, so I drunk this bottle very fast. I asked the waiter for another bottle of Guinness. As the waiter brought my beer, some lovely ladies joined my tables either because there were no free tables or the other tables had no ‘sane looking’ revelers.

These ladies ordered for Guinness which pleased me because I am impressed by any female who sips the black stuff. After about an hour, we ordered for another round of Guinness and enjoyed the rather odd choice of music that the waiter was playing from her smartphone through the amplifier.

It was after one of the ladies yelled with disgust after a major lazer song was skipped in favour of a song from Sophie Nantogo. A drunk guy clad in garage mechanics’ attire angrily approached our table and told us he is the chairman of the said bar’s patrons. I ignored this cheap scumbag who had a scent of the famous, rather infamous ‘Kitoko’ tot pack. The ladies continued chatting about how the rain had to stop so that we could go to a more reasonable place.

At around 8:30pm, Peter, an old friend from high school walked in with his girlfriend and came to my table to say “Hi.” We chatted about how the spirit of drinking had not left Ntare old boys. In the middle of this conversation, the same drunk scumbag started yelling about how I had stolen all “his” bar girls. Peter told this guy to calm down but he poured 2 bottles of Guinness on him.

I extended behind because bar fights get nasty. Peter was now in argument with this drunk guy who was being held behind by people who seemed like they knew him. It seemed calm but this guy attacked me on my way to the washrooms. I punched him back and twisted his hand in self defense. This was the only time my roommates’ karate talk had ever been effective in my life. This guy had fallen on the ground and I called the waiter and cleared my bill.
Unfortunately, Peter was attacked by friends to the drunk mechanic. I quickly escaped from the scuffle since the bar had become very rowdy. I felt a bottle hitting my back but luckily it didn’t pain very much. Peter also got out together with his girlfriend who had got a minor cut.

I decided to take a ‘Boda Boda’ to the stage which leads to my residence. I picked up a phone call and checked the phone clock which read 9.30pm. Well, I thought this was rather early so I decided to take a shortcut to my home. I saw a strange fellow who seemed to be minding his business on his phone.

In a snap, I felt a blow on my right hip then another hand sliding into my left pocket. There were 3 lumpens who were trying to fight but the first guy took off with my phone as another tried to remove a tablet from my bag. I tried to pull this guy as he tried to run uphill. Luckily, he slid and my tablet rolled downhill, and I picked up and ran up hill.
I ran as fast as I could. I entered the gate like a ninja as I panted heavily. I tried to catch some breath as I recalled the sad moments of losing my phone. It was though karma had been throwing fights in my way.

I entered the house, took a quick shower and started drinking Bond 7 to calm my anger. But my only conclusive thought that day was staying away from fights, scuffles and dangerous places as long as it’s possible. Besides this drinking led to another night of problem drinking which I might feature in a another drunken tale.

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